The species list presented here is mostly based on the efforts of Jim des Lauriers and Mark Ikeda during an inventory effort they conducted between 2006-2007.  All except a few of these taxa are vouchered; most can be found either in the GMDRC museum collection or at the Bohart Museum of UC Davis.  Identification was verified by either Phil Ward or Andrew Suarez for most specimens.  A pdf of this list can be downloaded here: Ants of GMDRC.  Each taxon below is linked to a profile page on For the most part, the species on this list have been documented within Center lands.


Subfamily: Dolichoderinae

Velvety Tree Ants:
Liometopum luctuosum

Pyramid Ants:

Dorymyrmex bicolor
 (Bi-colored Pyramid Ant)
Dorymyrmex insanus

Odorous Ants:
Forelius mccooki
Forelius pruinosus
Tapinoma sessile
 (Odorous House Ant)

Subfamily: Dorylinae

Legionary Ants: Neivamyrmex nigrescens (+shiny form)

Subfamily: Formicinae

Subfamily: Myrmicinae