The checklist below is available for download and represents just over 100 taxa found within the Granite Mountains bioregion, most of which have been vouchered on Center lands. Vouchers are mostly housed in the UC Riverside Entomology Museum, but many can be found in the small teaching collection at the Center. Taxa that have only been observed (marked with *) are only added to the list if there is a certain level of confidence on the ID and it represents a taxon that had not previously been recorded here. A taxon labeled with “indet. sp.” indicates it was indeterminable beyond a certain rank. Each scientific name is linked to a profile page on the Iowa State University BugGuide. To learn more about the species, click on the double arrow to the right of the name (⇒); this will take you to the iNaturalist taxon page.

Coleoptera (Beetles)

Attelabidae (Leaf Rolling Weevils)
Temnocerus sp.

Buprestidae (Metallic Wood-boring Beetles)

Acmaeodera atactospilota
Acmaeodera gibbula
Acmaeodera lanata
Acmaeodera pubiventris lanata
Acmaeodera quadriseriata
Acmaeodera quadrivittata
* Acmaeodera tuta
Acmaeoderoides sp.
* Anthaxia indet. sp. 
* Chrysobothris mali
* Chrysobothris sp. (femorata group)

Chrysobothris octocola Carabidae (Ground Beetles)
Amblycheila schwarzi
* Discoderus amoenus
Lebia tuckeri

Cerambycidae (Long-horned Beetles)
* Aethecerinus latecinctus
* Aneflus sonoranus
Enaphalodes sp.
Neaneflus fuchsii
Neaneflus sp.

Chrysomelidae (Leaf Beetles)
* Altica indet. sp.
* Coscinoptera aeneipennis
Pachybrachis sp.

Cleridae (Checkered Beetles)
Trichodes ornatus

Coccinellidae (Lady Beetles)
Coccinella septempunctata
Exochomus sp.
Hippodamia convergens
Hippodamia sp.
Hyperaspis undulata
* Olla v-nigrum

Cryptophagidae (Silken Fungus Beetles)
* Cryptophagus indet. sp.

Cupedidae (Reticulated Beetles)
* Prolixocupes lobiceps
Prolixocupes sp.

Curculionidae (Snout and Bark Beetles)
* Macrorhoptus sp.
* Ophryastes indet. sp.
Smicronyx sp.

Dermestidae (Carpet Beetles)
Anthrenus sp.
Attagenus sp.
Novelsis sp.

Dytiscidae (Predaceous Diving Beetles)
Boreonectes sp.
Ilybiosoma sp.
Sanfilippodytes sp.

Glaresidae (Enigmatic Scarab Beetles)
Glaresis arenata

Leiodidae (Round Fungus Beetles)
* Ptomaphagus indet. sp.

Meloidae (Blister Beetles)
* Cysteodemus armatus
Epicauta fortis
Epicauta lauta
Epicauta polingi
Eupompha elegans elegans
Eupompha elegans perpulchra
* Lytta auriculata
Lytta magister
Nemognatha nigripennis
Nemognatha nitidula
Phodaga alticeps
Phodaga marmorata 
Pleuropasta mirabilis
Pyrota palpalis

Melyridae (Soft-winged Flower Beetles)

Indet. sp.
* Trichochrous egenus

Mordellidae (Tumbling Flower Beetles)
Indet. sp. (Mordellini)

Mycteridae (Palm and Flower Beetles)
Mycterus quadricollis

Nitidulidae (Sap-feeding Beetles)
* Nitops pallipennis

Ochodaeidae (Sand-loving Scarab Beetles)
Ochodaeus sp.

Ptinidae (Deathwatch & Spider Beetles)
* Ptinus indet. sp.

Ripiphoridae (Wedge-shaped Beetles)
Macrosiagon cruenta 
Ripiphorus sp.

Scarabaeidae (Scarab Beetles)
Aphodius sp. 
Coenonycha sp.
Cremastocheilus opaculus
Cyclocephala sp.
Dellacasiellus ruficlarus
Diplotaxis sp.
Gymnopyge sp.
Paracotalpa puncticollis
* Serica indet. sp.

Scraptiidae (False Flower Beetles)
Anaspis sp.

Tenebrionidae (Darkling Beetles)
Anepsius delicatulus
* Blapstinus indet. sp.
Cerenopus concolor
Cryptoglossa muricata
Edrotes ventricosus
Eleodes (Tricheleodes) pilosus
Eleodes armatus
Eleodes carbonarius omissus
Eleodes hispilabris
Eleodes sp.
Eupsophulus castaneus
Eusattus dubius dubius
Indet. sp. (Opatrini)
Lariversius n. sp.
Metoponium bicolor
* Notibius puberulus

Philolithus actuosus
Schizillus laticeps
* Stenomorpha indet. sp.
Triorophus laevis
Triorophus sp.
Trogloderus costatus