Lodging facilities at The Center can accommodate both researchers and classes. In an effort to protect sensitive and ongoing long-term research projects elsewhere on the reserve, the Norris Camp Teaching area is located on the north side of the Center and is zoned primarily for class use. Here students can explore the desert environment more freely without impacting research. Classes are welcome to visit Granite Cove during their stay and tour the facilities, meet with researchers, walk the Interpretative Trail, hike the Sybil Allanson trail, or use the Southard Conference Room for presentations/lectures requiring a projector. (Facilities photo gallery)

Research Facilities

Allanson Center: The Sybil and Al A. Allanson Center and Library consist of residence and laboratory buildings located in Granite Cove. Three cabins and a main residence with wireless internet access and AC electricity can accommodate up to twelve researchers. Kitchen and dining facilities, bathrooms, and showers are centrally located in the main residence building. The kitchen is fully stocked with pots & pans, dishware and utensils, two refrigerators, microwave oven, and stovetop/oven. Drinking water is collected at a local spring therefore water conservation is encouraged. There are no laundry facilities .

The laboratory building is located adjacent to the main residence. Lab space includes counters, sink, refrigerator, and storage.

The main buildings of the Allanson Center and Library were constructed using a solar passive design for optimum efficiency. Click this link for more information on the solar passive design.

Located at the Allanson Center is the James E. Southard Conference Room. The 900 sq. ft. room can accommodate up to 30 participants for presentations and meetings. The conference room is equipped with dry erase boards and internet access; slide and LCD projectors are available upon request

Pinyon Camp: Pinyon Camp provides an alternative lodging option for researchers seeking more privacy in a more rustic campground setting. The camp is located in Granite Cove 1/3 mile from the Allanson center and consists of a small trailer with sleeping accommodations for two, tent sites, a small fire ring, picnic table, and outhouse. The trailer can be equipped with running water, 12 volt DC lighting, and a small propane stove, however these services are not guaranteed (ask for the current status of the trailer prior to your reservation).

Robert M. Norris Interpretive Trail: This short loop (1 km) originates at the Allanson Center parking area and winds its way through Granite Cove. It is a self-guided trail that highlights many of the reserve’s unique qualities and provides an excellent introduction to the natural and cultural history, geology, plant diversity, and ecology of the Granite Mountains.

Class Facilities

Norris Camp: The Kenneth S. Norris Cabin is located within the Norris Teaching Area at the Center’s northwest corner. The cabin is ideally positioned at the sharp transition zone between the diverse shrub associations of the upper bajadas and the pinyon dotted bouldery slopes. Norris Camp is a small cabin equipped with 12 beds (larger classes should bring tents), a fully stocked kitchen with pots & pans, dishware and utensils, refrigerators, propane stove and oven, an indoor dining area, and a wood-burning stove (users must bring own firewood). Excellent drinking water is provided by an on-site well. Solar power provides 12 Volt DC electricity for lighting only. Campfires are not permitted.

The trailhead for the Al A. Allanson trail is located at Norris Camp. The trail provides classes with access to the higher elevations of Granite Mountain.

Yucca Bajada Campground: This rustic campground is located within the Norris Teaching Area about 2 miles northwest from Norris Camp Cabin near the mouth of Cottonwood Basin. This camp is suitable for tent camping and can accommodate 30 people (6 vehicles). Surrounded by dense stands of Mojave Yucca, it is a dry camp (no running water) with a shade structure, two large picnic tables, and an outhouse. There is no electricity. Potable water can be delivered upon request; limited quantities only. Campfires are not permitted.

To check for availability at our facilities for an upcoming visit, please visit our online calendar.  Keep in mind that there may be pending reservations that do not show up on this calendar.  Please contact a staff person for more information.