Conservation and Management

Fee Schedule

Class Rates

Norris Camp:

$3.00/night/person (UC)

$4.00/night/person (non-UC)

Yucca Bajada campsite:
$2.00/night/person (UC)
$3.00/night/person (non-UC)
maximum $50/night

Day Use Only
$7.50/group (UC)
$10.00/group (non-UC)

Workshops/Symposium Rates
$7.50/night/person (UC)
$10.00/night/person (non-UC)
$50/day for the group
Day Use: $10/individual

Research/Professional Rates 

Allanson Center & Norris Camp: 

$7.50/night/person (UC)

$10.00/night/person (non-UC)

Pinon Camp (camping only): 

$5.00/night/person (UC)

$7.50/night/person (non-UC)

Yucca Bajada campsite:

$5.00/night/person (UC)
$7.50/night/person (non-UC)

Day Use Only: 
$5.00/group (UC)
$7.50/group (non-UC)

Fee Waivers – Individuals or groups without sources of support may apply to the Resident Director for a fee waiver. Graduate students without support may negotiate volunteer services with the Resident Director to reduce nightly fees.

Additional Fees – Additional fees will be charged for janitorial services at the rate of $25/hr (1 hour minimum) if facilities are not left clean to the standards of the Resident Director. Assessment of these fees will also prejudice against future use of the Center by the individual or group.

Copies and Faxes – A copy and fax machine is available for use upon request. Fees for copies = $0.05 per page, and fax = $0.05 per page.

Housing Assignments – Preferences for housing and lab space will be discussed with the visitor, but all assignments will be at the discretion of the Resident Director. Check out time is noon unless otherwise arranged.