Reserve Facts

Reserve Facts

Location: San Bernardo County, CA. 128 km (80 mi.) east of Barstow
Latitude: 34° 48’ 20” N
Longitude: 115° 39’ 50” W

Elevation Range: 1,128 to 2,071 m (3,770 – 6,796 feet)

Average Precipitation: 23 cm (9.0 in)

Mean Temperatures: July max: 33°C (91°F), min: 20°C (68°F); Dec max: 8°C (46°F), min: -1°C (30°F)

Topography & Habitats: Alluvial fans and bajadas to steep granitic mountains with massive pinnacles and rocky terrain. Woodland, mixed woody and succulent shrubs, springs, seeps, and washes.

Species Diversity: 504 vascular plants, 2 amphibians, 156 birds, 42 mammals.

Archaeological Resources: Rock art, habitation sites, milling stations, lithics, pottery.

Facilities: Researcher dormitories, cabins, and camping space; laboratory space; herbarium; library, cabins, campground; class cabin and campground.

Database: Synoptic plant and animal collections, species lists, automated weather station, aerial photos, research bibliography.

Personnel: Resident Director, Administrative Director, Steward.