Rare Vertebrate Animals

The list of vertebrates taxa below are of conservation concern and represent a subset of the species known to occur on or near the Granite Mountains.  The table includes rarity status information gleaned from the California Natural Diversity Database maintained by the California Department of Fish & Wildlife (CDFW), which compiles information from a variety of sources in order to create a list of CA taxa deserving some protection.  To learn more about these species, the Common Name is linked to the NatureServe Explore website, where you can learn more about conservation status of the species.  The scientific names are linked to pertinent websites where you can discover additional fun facts about these animals.  Birds marked with an asterisk (*) are considered rare migrants or vagrants in the region.  A printable list is available here (coming soon!).

Common NameScientific NameNatureServeIUCNRarity Status
Desert tortoiseGopherus agassizii G3/S2S3VUESA: FT/ST
Mojave fringe-toed lizardUma scopariaG3G4/S3S4LCBLM: S; CDFW: SSC
Fringed myotisMyotis thysanodesG4/S3LCBLM: S; WBWG: H
Western Small-footed MyotisMyotis ciliolabrumG5/S3LCBLM: S; WBb WG: M
Western Long-eared MyotisMyotis evotisG5/S3LCBLM: S; WBWG: M
Hoary batLasiurus cinereusG5/S4LCWBWG: M
Pocketed free-tailed batNyctinomops femorosaccusG4/S3LCCDFW: SSC; WBWG: M
Desert Bighorn SheepOvis canadensis nelsoniG4T4/S3 BLM: S; CDFW: FP
OspreyPandion haliaetusG5/S4LCCDFW: WL
Northern HarrierCircus hudsoniusG5/S3LCCDFW: SSC
Sharp-shinned HawkAccipiter striatusG5/S4LCCDFW: WL
Cooper’s HawkAccipiter cooperiiG5/S4LCCDFW: WL
Swainson’s HawkButeo swainsoniG5/S3LCESA: ST; BLM: S; USFWS: BCC
Ferruginous HawkButeo regalisG4/S3S4LCCDFW: WL; USFWS: BCC
Golden EagleAquila chrysaetosG5/S3LCBLM: S; CDFW: FP, WL; USFWS: BCC
Peregrine FalconFalco peregrinus (anatum)G4T4/S3S4LCESA: Delisted; BLM: S; CDFW: FP; USFWS: BCC
Burrowing OwlAthene cuniculariaG4/S3LCBLM: S; CDFW: SSC; USFWS: BCC
Long-eared OwlAsio otusG5/S3?LCCDFW: SSC
*Vaux’s SwiftChaetura vauxiG5/S2S3LCCDFW: SSC
Costa’s HummingbirdCalypte costaeG5/S4LCUSFWS: BCC
Rufous HummingbirdSelasphorus rufusG5/S1S2LCUSFWS: BCC; NABCI: YWL
*Olive-sided FlycatcherContopus cooperiG4/S4NTCDFW: SSC; USFWS: BCC; NABCI: YWL
*Willow FlycatcherEmpidonax trailliiG5/S1S2LCESA: SE; USFWS: BCC
*Vermilion FlycatcherPyrocephalus rubinusG5/S2S3LCCDFW: SSC
Loggerhead ShrikeLanius ludovicianusG4/S4LCCDFW: SSC; USFWS: BCC
Gray VireoVireo viciniorG4/S2LCBLM: S; CDFW: SSC; USFWS: BCC; NABCI: YWL
Black-tailed GnatcatcherPolioptila melanuraG5/S3S4LCCDFW: WL
Bendire’s ThrasherToxostoma bendireiG4G5/S3VUBLM: S; CDFW: SSC; USFWS: BCC; NABCI: RWL
Crissal ThrasherToxostoma crissaleG5/S3LCBLM: S; CDFW: SSC
Le Conte’s ThrasherToxostoma leconteiG4/S3LCBLM: S; CDFW: SSC; USFWS: BCC; NABCI: RWL
Brewer’s SparrowSpizella breweriG5/S4LCCDFW: SSC
*Grasshopper SparrowAmmodramus savannarumG5/S3LCCDFW: SSC
*Yellow-headed BlackbirdXanthocephalus xanthocephalusG5/S3LCCDFW: SSC

ESA (Endangered Species Act): FE = Federally Endangered, SE = State Endangered, FT = Federally Threatened, ST = State Threatened; CDFW (California Department Fish & Wildlife): SSC = Species of Special Concern, FP = Fully Protected, WL = Watch List; BLM (Bureau of Land Management): S = Sensitive; USFWS (US Fish & Wildlife Service): BCC = Birds of Conservation Concern; NABCI (North American Bird Conservation Initiative): RWL = Red Watch List, YWL = Yellow Watch List; WBWG (Western Bat Working Group): H = High Priority, M = Medium Priority