Reservations and Calendar

All reserve users must complete an online application and obtain approval prior to visiting the reserve. Please take the time to follow these five steps to ensure your application is successfully submitted. If you have any questions about this process, please contact us directly at OR 760-733-4222.

A note on reservations: As a general policy, the GMDRC gives scheduling priority to UC classes that make a reservation for the following calendar year until December 30th. On January 1st, any non-UC classes that are pending approval will be approved if the requested facilities are still available. After January 1st, priority for that calendar year is no longer given to UC classes, and facilities are booked in the order that applications are received.

  1. Check the facility descriptions for researchers or classes to determine which lodging option is suitable for your visit.
  2. Go to the Reserve Application Management System (RAMS) for UC NRS and either log-in as a Returning User or create a new profile for yourself under New User.
  3. Check the online Calendar for availability of your preferred facility. (Note: you can also view the calendar when you are logged into RAMS.  Click on the Calendar tab, make sure “Reserve Calendar” is selected, select Sweeney Granite Mountains Desert Research Center from the drop down list, then adjust month and year accordingly.)  Please keep in mind that applications “pending approval” will not be displayed on the calendar.  If you have any questions about availability, please contact reserve staff at OR 760-733-4222.
  4. Complete an application and reservation on RAMS. This is a two step process, first you must fill out an application, then you follow-up by filling out a reservation (if you do not know when you want to visit, you can return to the database later to complete a reservation). The application is essentially your profile and a description of your research, class activities, or purpose for your visit, whereas the reservation specifies a certain date(s) and facility that you would like to reserve. You can make multiple reservations on a single application. Your applicaton and reservation must be approved by the Reserve Director prior to arrival.
  5. Please be sure to review the rules and regulations for being on the Reserve.  Once your application and/or reservation(s) has been approved all members in your group will be required to sign a waiver of liability.  If you do not hear from reserve staff within a few days of your application submittal, please contact us directly at OR 760-733-4222.