Rules and Regulations

Rules apply to any type of visitation at the Granite Mountains Desert Research Center (GMDRC)

These rules have been designed to preserve the area in a natural state, to prevent disturbance of ongoing research projects and educational activities, and to minimize the cost of facility maintenance. Applicants are responsible for the conduct of all persons in their group. Permission to use the Center may be withdrawn or denied in the future if any rules or regulations are violated.

  1. Everyone must obtain pre-approval before entering the GMDRC by first filling out an application. Prior approval by the Reserve Director is required to receive guests, friends or family members when using the reserve.
  2. Any written materials resulting from work at the reserve should include acknowledgement of the GMDRC. Two reprints of any publication, or one copy of a thesis or dissertation must be submitted to the Reserve Director.
  3. Sign in and out at all gates and always lock gates behind you. Only share lock combinations with persons who need to know.
  4. All individuals not employed (full-time) by the University of California must sign a Waiver of Liability before entering the GMDRC and give it to GMDRC staff.
  5. All activities (ex. Experiments, Class Projects) must be discussed with and approved by the Reserve Director. Obtain pre-approval before locating research plots.
  6. Do not remove, collect, prune, or disturb plants, animals, cultural artifacts, or any natural material without prior consent of the Reserve Director.
  7. Park vehicles in designated areas only and do not drive off established roads. Only use established turn-arounds.
  8. Walk only on trails or roads; do not walk off trail unless permitted by GMDRC staff.
  9. Outhouses and bathrooms are to be used unless you are more than one mile from any facility. If you are not near a facility, please bury all human waste and carry out any toilet paper. Please do not dig “cat-holes” near any of the facilities.
  10. Firearms are not allowed. Do not bring any form of firearms onto the GMDRC.
  11. Pets are not allowed at the GMDRC.
  12. Do not engage in recreational use of the land, including but not limited to, rock climbing, hunting, bicycling, and rock collecting.
  13. Fires are not permitted. Use of BBQ pits requires pre-approval from the Reserve Director, charcoal must be brought with you. Smoking is only allowed near established BBQ pits or parking areas.
  14. Please obey all speed limits. Within GMDRC the speed limit is 10 mph, on most other dirt roads it is 25 mph. Please watch for children and animals while driving on the premises.
  15. Facilities must be left clean. All trash must be taken with you.
  16. It is your responsibility to know and obey the rules of the GMDRC as well as any Federal, State, or local laws that may apply to your activities.