Granite Mountains Animal Photo Gallery

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The insect list below was largely compiled by members of the Friends of the Entomology Research Museum. Voucher specimens are stored at UC Riverside and overseen by museum curator Doug Yanegan. Collections marked with *** are from the GMDRC and immediate surroundings; the remaining are from Kelso or the Desert Studies Center at Zzyzyx. Collections were conducted in the Spring and Summer, of any year, from 1996 through 2003, all one or two-day trips, and nearly all hand-collected. Within the name, n. sp. refers to an undescribed new species and nr refers to nearest relative.

Rick Vetter, faculty member of the entomology department at UC Riverside, compiled the arachnid list below. Specimens were collected using pitfall traps at various times of the year in 1997 and 1998 in Granite Cove.

Taxon                          Species

Acanaloniidae     Acanalonia mollicula Van Duzee***
Acrididae       Anconia integra Scudder
Acrididae       Cibolacris parviceps (Walker)
Andrenidae       Andrena (Onagrandrena) sp.
Andrenidae       Perdita n. sp. nr. arenaria
Andrenidae       Perdita pallida Timberlake
Aphelinidae       Coccobius sp.***
Aphelinidae       Encarsia sp.***
Apidae       Apis mellifera Linnaeus***
Apidae       Diadasia australis californica Timberlake
Apidae       Diadasia lutzi Cockerell
Apidae       Diadasia vallicola Timberlake***
Apidae       Doeringiella sp.***
Apidae       Nomada sp.
Apidae       Oreopasites sp.
Apidae       Townsendiella pulchra Crawford***
Apidae       Triopasites penniger (Cockerell)***
Apioceridae       Apiocera sp.
Asilidae       Efferia sp.
Asilidae       Hodophylax basingeri Pritchard***
Asilidae       Leptogaster eudicrana Loew***
Asilidae       Leptogaster patula Martin***
Asilidae       Megaphorus frustrus flavidus (Cole)
Asilidae       Pogonioefferia benedicti (Bromley)
Astatidae       Astata bigeloviae Cockerell***
Bembicidae       Bembix dentilabris Handlirsch***
Bembicidae       Bembix rugosa J. Parker
Bembicidae       Bembix sayi Cresson***
Bembicidae       Bembix stenebdoma J. Parker***
Bembicidae       Epinysson arentis R. Bohart***
Bembicidae       Glenostictia angulifera R. Bohart***
Bembicidae       Glenostictia argentata (C. Fox)
Bembicidae       Glenostictia bituberculata (J. Parker)
Bembicidae       Glenostictia scitula (W. Fox)
Bembicidae       Glenostictia tenuicornis (W. Fox)
Bembicidae       Gorytes nr. Angustus***
Bembicidae       Hoplisoides punctifrons (Cameron)
Bembicidae       Microbembex argyropleura R. Bohart
Bembicidae       Steniolia duplicata Provancher***
Bembicidae       Steniolia elegans J. Parker***
Bembicidae       Steniolia eremica Gillaspy
Bembicidae       Steniolia nigripes J. Parker***
Bethylidae       Goniozus gracilicornis (Kieffer)
Bombyliidae       Apolysis sp.
Bombyliidae       Triploechus novus (Williston)***
Braconidae       Crassomicrodus muesebecki Marsh
Braconidae       Homolobus sp.***
Braconidae       Microctonus sp.
Braconidae       Mirax sp.***
Bradynobaenidae     Chyphotes sp.***
Buprestidae       Acmaeodera atactospilota Westcott
Buprestidae       Acmaeodera lanata Horn***
Buprestidae       Acmaeodera quadriseriata Fall***
Buprestidae       Acmaeodera quadrivittata Horn***
Buprestidae       Acmaeoderoides sp.***
Buprestidae       Chrysobothris octocola LeConte
Cerambycidae     Neaneflus fuchsii (Wickham)***
Ceraphronidae     Aphanogmus sp.***
Ceraphronidae     Ceraphron sp.***
Chalcididae       Brachymeria aeca Burks***
Chalcididae       Dirhinus sp.***
Chalcididae       Haltichella rhyacioniae Gahan***
Chalcididae       Hockeria burksi Halstead***
Chalcididae       Hockeria hainesi Halstead***
Chalcididae       Hockeria micra Halstead***
Chalcididae       Psilochalcis sp.***
Chrysididae       Argochrysis toralis Kimsey
Chrysididae       Caenochrysis tridens (Lepeletier)***
Chrysididae       Ceratochrysis sp.***
Chrysididae       Chrysis sp.***
Chrysididae       Elampus nitidus (Aaron)
Chrysididae       Hedychridium sp.
Chrysididae       Holopyga horus Aaron***
Chrysididae       Holopyga ventralis (Say)***
Chrysididae       Omalus butleri Bohart & Campos***
Chrysididae       Omalus glomeratus (Buysson)***
Chrysididae       Parnopes concinnus Viereck***
Chrysididae       Parnopes fulvicornis Cameron
Cicadidae       Cacama valvata (Uhler)***
Cixiidae       Oecleus sp.***
Coccinellidae       Coccinella septempunctata Linnaeus
Coccinellidae       Hippodamia convergens GuŽrin-Mžneville
Coreidae       Leptoglossus clypealus
Crabronidae       Belomicrus darwini Bohart
Crabronidae       Belomicrus maricopa Pate
Crabronidae       Belomicrus n. sp. nr. sechi #1
Crabronidae       Belomicrus pallidus Bohart
Crabronidae       Belomicrus texensis Bohart
Crabronidae       Belomicrus tuktum Pate***
Crabronidae       Crossocerus eriogoni eriogonoides Leclercq & Miller***
Crabronidae       Encopognathus rufiventris Timberlake***
Cupedidae       Prolixocupes sp.***
Danaidae       Danaus gilippus strigosus
Dermestidae       Novelsis sp.
Diapriidae       Belyta sp.***
Diapriidae       Psilus nr. Inaequalifrons***
Diapriidae       Trichopria sp.***
Dictyopharidae     Loxophora transversa Van Duzee***
Dictyopharidae     Orgamara sp.***
Dictyopharidae     Scolops sp.***
Dolichoderinae     Dorymyrmex bicolor
Dolichoderinae     Dorymyrmex insanus
Dolichoderinae     Forelius mccooki
Dolichoderinae     Forelius pruinosus
Dorylinae        Neivamyrmex nigrescens
Dryinidae       Gonatopus frequens (Perkins)
Encyrtidae       Acerophagus sp.***
Encyrtidae       Aenasius sp.***
Encyrtidae       Anagyrus sp.***
Encyrtidae       Ceraptroceroideus sp.***
Encyrtidae       Cheiloneurus sp.***
Encyrtidae       Copidosoma sp.
Encyrtidae       Formicencyrtus sp.***
Encyrtidae       ?Isodromus sp.***
Encyrtidae       Pseudleptomastix sp.***
Encyrtidae       ?Saera sp.***
Encyrtidae       Zarhopalus sp.***
Eulophidae       Aprostocetus sp.***
Eulophidae       Aulogymnus sp.***
Eulophidae       Baryscapus sp.***
Eulophidae       Chrysocharis sp.***
Eulophidae       Cirrospilus coachellae Gates***
Eulophidae       Closterocerus maculatus (Delucchi)***
Eulophidae       Euderus sp.***
Eulophidae       Euplectrus sp.
Eulophidae        Galeopsomyia sp.
Eulophidae       Hyssopus sp.***
Eulophidae       Neochrysocharis arizonensis (Crawford)***
Eulophidae       Omphale orilata Hansson***
Eulophidae       Paragaleopsomyia sp.
Eulophidae       Paraolinx sp.***
Eulophidae       Quadrastichus solidaginis (Burks)***
Eulophidae       Sympiesis sp.***
Eulophidae       Zagrammosoma multilineatum (Ashmead)***
Eupelmidae       Brasema sp.***
Eupelmidae       Eusandalum sp.
Eupelmidae       Metapelma sp.***
Eurytomidae       Bruchophagus sp.***
Eurytomidae       Eurytoma sp.***
Eurytomidae       Rileya cecidomyiae Ashmead***
Eurytomidae       Tenuipetiolus sp.
Formicinae       Camponotus festinates
Formicinae       Camponotus ocreatus
Formicinae       Camponotus sansabeanus
Formicinae       Camponotus semitestaceus
Formicinae       Camponotus vicinus
Formicinae       Myrmecocystus mexicanus
Formicinae       Myrmecocystus testaceus
Formicinae       Myrmecocystus placodops
Formicinae       Myrmecocystus mimicus
Fulgoridae       Scolopsella reticulata Ball***
Glaresidae       Glaresis ?arenata Gordon
Halictidae       Halictus ligatus Say***
Hesperiidae       Erynnis funeralis
Hesperiidae       Hesperopsis libya
Hesperiidae       Pyrgus albescens
Ichneumonidae     Ophionellus sp.***
Issidae       Dictyobia semivitrea (Provancher)***
Issidae       Dyctidea   ?variegata Van Duzee***
Issidae       Hysteropterum unum Ball***
Issidae       Osbornia cornuta Ball***
Kinnaridae       Oeclidius nanus Van Duzee***
Lycaenidae       Apodemia mormo
Lycaenidae       Strymon melinus pudica
Lycaenidae       Leptotes marina
Lycaenidae        Hemiargus isola alce
Lycaenidae       Plebejus acmon texanus
Lycaenidae       Plebejus lupini
Mantidae       Litaneutria minor (Scudder)
Megachilidae       Anthidiellum ehrhorni (Cockerell)
Megachilidae       Anthidium cockerelli Schwarz
Megachilidae       Anthidium jocosum Cresson***
Megachilidae       Anthidium pallidiclypeum Jaycox***
Megachilidae       Anthidium palmarum Cockerell
Megachilidae       Anthidium paroselae Cockerell
Megachilidae       Anthidium sonorense Cockerell
Megachilidae       Atoposmia timberlakei (Cockerell)
Megachilidae       Dianthidium p. platyurum Cockerell***
Megachilidae       Stelis perpulchra Crawford***
Megachilidae       Xeroheriades micheneri***
Megaspilidae       Conostigmus sp.***
Megaspilidae       Dendrocerus sp.***
Megaspilidae       Trichosteresis sp.***
Meloidae       Epicauta fortis Werner***
Meloidae       Epicauta lauta (Horn)
Meloidae       Epicauta polingi Werner
Meloidae       Eupompha e. elegans (LeConte)
Meloidae       Eupompha elegans perpulchra (Horn)
Meloidae       Lytta magister
Meloidae       Nemognatha nigripennis LeConte
Meloidae       Phodaga alticeps LeConte
Meloidae       Phodaga marmoratus (Casey)***
Meloidae       Pleuropasta mirabilis (Horn)
Meloidae       Pyrota palpalis Champion
Membracidae     Platycentrus sp.***
Membracidae     Stictopelta sp.***
Mutillidae       Dasymutilla arenivaga Mickel
Mutillidae       Dasymutilla atricauda Mickel
Mutillidae       Dasymutilla coccineohirta (Blake)
Mutillidae       Dasymutilla gloriosa (Saussure)***
Mutillidae       Pseudomethoca bequaerti Mickel***
Mutillidae       Sphaeropthalma blakeii (Fox)***
Mycteridae       Mycterus quadricollis Horn***
Mydidae       Pseudonomoneura californica (Hardy)
Mydidae       Rhaphiomidas acton Coquillett***
Mydidae       Rhaphiomidas tarsalis Coquillett
Mymaridae       Erythmelus sp.***
Mymaridae       Gonatocerus sp.***
Mymaridae       Polynema sp.***
Myrmeleontidae     Eremoleon gracilis
Myrmeleontidae     Scotoleon fidelitas***
Myrmeleontidae     Scotoleon singularis
Myrmicinae        Aphaenogaster cockerelli
Myrmicinae        Crematogaster depilis
Myrmicinae        Messor pergandei
Myrmicinae       Monomorium ergatogyna
Myrmicinae       Pheidole cerebrosior
Myrmicinae       Pheidole desertorum
Myrmicinae       Pheidole gilvescens
Myrmicinae       Pheidole psammophila
Myrmicinae       Pheidole vistana
Myrmicinae       Pheidole xerophila
Myrmicinae        Pogonomyrmex rugosus
Myrmicinae        Pogonomyrmex magnacanthus
Myrmicinae       Pogonomyrmex californicus
Myrmicinae       Pogonomyrmex imberbiculus
Myrmicinae       Solenopsis molesta
Myrmicinae        Solenopsis xyloni
Myrmicinae       Temnothorax neomexicanus
Nymphalidae       Nymphalis antiopa
Nymphalidae       Euphydryas chalcedona kingstonensis
Nymphalidae       Chlosyne neumoegeni
Nymphalidae       Chlosyne leanira near alma
Nymphalidae       Chlosyne californica
Nymphalidae       Nymphalis antiopa
Nymphalidae       Cynthia annabella
Nymphalidae       Cynthia cardui
Ochodaeidae       Ochodaeus sp.***
Papilionidae       Papilio polyxenes coloro
Pieridae       Pontia beckerii
Pieridae       Pontia protodice
Pieridae       Eurema nicippe
Pieridae       Anthocharis sara thoosa
Philanthidae       Aphilanthops hispidus Fox
Philanthidae       Cerceris californica Cresson***
Philanthidae       Clypeadon evansi Bohart***
Philanthidae       Clypeadon haigi (Bohart)***
Philanthidae       Clypeadon utahensis (Baker)
Philanthidae       Eucerceris arenaria Scullen***
Philanthidae       Philanthus boharti Ferguson
Philanthidae       Philanthus gibbosus (Fabricius)***
Philanthidae       Philanthus multimaculatus Cameron***
Philanthidae       Philanthus occidentalis Strandtmann***
Polyphagidae     Arenivaga sp.***
Pteromalidae       Asaphes sp.***
Pteromalidae       Caenocrepis sp.***
Pteromalidae       Catolaccus sp.***
Pteromalidae       Cleonymus sp.***
Pteromalidae       Epistenia odyneri Ashmead***
Pteromalidae       Eunotus sp.***
Pteromalidae       Gastrancistrus sp.***
Pteromalidae       Halticopterina sp.
Pteromalidae       Heteroschema sp.***
Pteromalidae       Lyrcus justicia (Girault)***
Pteromalidae       Lysirina polychroma Heydon
Pteromalidae       Mesopolobus sp.***
Pteromalidae       Norbanus sp.***
Pteromalidae       Pachyneuron sp.***
Pteromalidae       Pseudocatolaccus sp.***
Pteromalidae       Psilocera sp.***
Pteromalidae       Pteromalus sp.***
Ripiphoridae       Macrosiagon cruentum (Germar)***
Ripiphoridae       Ripiphorus sp.***
Scarabaeidae     Aphodius sp.***
Scarabaeidae     Coenonycha sp.***
Scarabaeidae     Cremastocheilus opaculus Horn***
Scarabaeidae     Cyclocephala sp.***
Scarabaeidae     Diplotaxis sp.***
Scarabaeidae      Gymnopyge sp.
Scarabaeidae     Paracotalpa puncticollis (LeConte)***
Scelionidae       Gryon sp.***
Scelionidae       Idris sp.***
Scelionidae       Psix tunetanus (Mineo & Szab—)
Scelionidae       Sparasion sp.***
Scelionidae       Telenomus sp.***
Scutelleridae       Homaemus sp.***
Signiphoridae     Signiphora sp.***
Signiphoridae     Thysanus sp.***
Sphecidae       Ammophila sp.
Stratiomyidae     Dieuryneura stigma (Giglio-Tos)***
Syrphidae       Polybiomyia sayi Shannon***
Tachinidae       Oestrophasia sp.***
Tachinidae       Ormia sp.***
Tenebrionidae     Centrioptera muricata LeConte***
Tenebrionidae     Cerenopus concolor LeConte
Tenebrionidae     Cryptoglossa muricata (LeConte)
Tenebrionidae     Edrotes ventricosus LeConte
Tenebrionidae     Eleodes armata LeConte***
Tenebrionidae     Lariversius n. sp.
Tenebrionidae     Philolithus actuosus (Horn)***
Tenebrionidae     Triorophus sp.
Tenebrionidae     Trogloderus costatus LeConte
Tiphiidae       Acanthetropis noctivaga (Bradley)***
Tiphiidae       Brachycistina acuta (Malloch)
Tiphiidae       Brachycistis sp.***
Tiphiidae       Colocistis brevis (Fox)
Tiphiidae       Colocistis castanea (Cresson)
Tiphiidae       Myzinum sp.
Tiphiidae       Paratiphia sp.***
Tiphiidae       Quemaya sp.***
Torymidae       Cryptopristus sp.***
Torymidae       Ditropinotus sp.
Torymidae       Microdontomerus sp.***
Torymidae       Podagrion sp.***
Torymidae       Pseuderimerus sp.***
Torymidae       Pseudotorymus sp.***
Torymidae       Torymus sp.***
Trichogrammatidae     Lathromeris sp.***
Trichogrammatidae     Oligosita sp.***
Trichogrammatidae     Trichogramma sp.***
Vespidae       Dolichodynerus sp.***
Vespidae       Eumenes b. bollii Cresson***
Vespidae       Euodynerus sp.***
Vespidae       Euparagia sp.***
Vespidae       Euparagia unidentata n. sp.
Vespidae       Leptochilus sp.***
Vespidae       Leucodynerus sp.
Vespidae       Microdynerus sp.
Vespidae       Parancistrocerus sp.***
Vespidae       Pterocheilus sp.
Vespidae       Stenodynerus sp.***
Vespidae       Vespula pensylvanica (Saussure)***
Agelenidae       Calilena restricta/dixiana
Agelenidae       Hololena nevada
Agelenidae       Novalena undescr. sp.
Anyphaenidae     Anyphaena pacifica
Amaurobiidae     Cavernocymbium vetteri
Araneidae       Eustala?? imm
Araneidae       Metepeira foxi
Caponiidae       Orthonops gertschi
Caponiidae       Orthonops sp.
Caponiidae       Tarsonops (in revision)
Caponiidae       Tarsonops sp
Clubionidae       Castianeira
Cyrtaucheniidae     Aptostichus sp
Filistatidae       Kukulcania utahana
Filistatidae       Filistatinella ??
Gnaphosidae       Callilepsis gosoga
Gnaphosidae       Drassyllus insularis
Gnaphosidae       Haplodrassus dixiensis
Gnaphosidae        Herpyllus excelsus
Gnaphosidae       Herpyllus hesperolus
Gnaphosidae       Herpyllus propinquus
Gnaphosidae       Herpyllus schwarzi
Gnaphosidae       Micaria gosiuta
Gnaphosidae       Micaria nye
Gnaphosidae       Scopoides immature
Gnaphosidae       Zelotes monachus
Heteropodidae     Olios fasciculatus
Homalonychidae     Homalonychus imm
Linyphiidae       Tennesseellum formicum
Liocranidae       Castianeira undeterminable
Liocranidae       Castianeira undeterminable
Lycosidae       Alopecosa kochii
Oxyopidae       Oxyopes tridens
Philodromidae     Apollophanes texana
Pholcidae       Psilochorus utahensis
Pholcidae       Physocyclus undescr. sp.
Plectreuridae       Kibramoa imm
Salticidae       Habronattus icenoglei
Salticidae       Metacyrba arizonensis
Salticidae       Sassacus papenhoei
Sicariidae       Loxosceles deserta
Sicariidae       Loxosceles imm
Theraphosidae     Aphonopelma iodius
Theridiidae       Dipoena abdita
Theridiidae       Euryopis californica
Theridiidae       Euryopis formosa
Theridiidae       Latrodectus hesperus
Theridiidae       Steatoda fulva
Thomisidae       Misumenops rothi
Thomisidae       Xysticus lassanus
Thomisidae       Xysticus locuples
Thomisidae       Xysticus montanensis
Anuroctonus phaoidactylus
Superstitionidae     Superstitionia donensis
Vaejovidae       Vaejovis confusus/waeringi
         Paruroctonus silvestrii
Vaejovidae       Vaejovis hirsuiticauda
Vaejovidae       Vaejovis confusus/waeringi
Iuridae       Hadrurus obscurus
Iuridae       Hadrurus spadix

List of Invertebrate Families Found in the Granite Mountains

This list of invertebrate families is a compilation of two surveys. One was a survey of arthropod families conducted in 1982 by C. Dietz and D. Conroy. The other was a species survey conducted by Friends of the Entomology Research Museum on several occasions between 1996 and 2003. A total of 162 families have been documented.


Acrididae – short-horned grasshoppers

Aeschnidae – danners

Andrenidae – andrenid bees

Anthocoridae – minute pirate bugs

Anthomyiidae – anthomyiid flies

Anthophoridae – cuckoo, digger, and carpenter bees


Aphididae – aphids

Apidae – honey, bumble, and euglossine bees

Asilidae – robber flies




Berytidae – stilt bugs


Bibionidae – march flies

Blastobasidae – blastobasid moths

Bombyliidae – bee flies

Braconidae – braconids


Bruchidae – seed beetles

Buprestidae – metallic wood-boring beetles

Calliphoridae – blow flies

Carabidae – ground beetles

Cerambycidae – long-horned beetles



Chironomidae – midges

Chrysididae – cuchoo wasps

Chrysomelidae – leaf beetles

Chrysopidae – common lacewings

Cicadellidae – leaf hoppers


Cicindelidae – tiger beetles


Cleridae – checkered beetles

Coccinellidae – ladybird beetles

Coenagrionidae narrow-winged damselflies

Colletidae – plastener and yello-faced bees

Coreidae – leaf-footed bugs

Cossidae – carpenter and leopard moths


Culicidae – mosquitos


Curculionidae – snout beetles

Cydnidae – burrower bugs


Dascillidae – soft-bodied plant beetles

Dermestidae – dermestid beetles



Dolichopodidae – long-legged flies

Drosophilidae – pomace flies, small fruit flies


Dytiscidae – predaceous diving beetles

Elateridae – click beetles

Empididae – dance flies


Ephydridae – shore flies


Eumenidae – mason and potter wasps



Forficulidae – European and spine-tailed earwigs

Formicidae – ants

Fulgoridae – fulgorid planthoppers

Geometridae – measuring worms, etc.

Gerridae – water striders

Gryllacrididae – wingless longhorned grasshoppers

Gryllidae – crickets


Heleomyzidae – heleomyzid flies

Hemerobiidae – brown lacewings

Hesperiidae – skippers

Histeridae – hister beetles

Hydrophilidae – water scavenger beetles


Igneumonidae – igeumons

Incurvariidae – yucca moths, etc



Labiidae – little earwigs

Largidae – largid bugs

Lasiocampidae – tent caterpillars

Lauxaniidae – lauxaniid flies

Leptogastridae – grass flies

Libellulidae – common skimmers


Lygaeidae – seed bugs

Mantidae – mantids

Mantispidae – mantidflies

Megachilidae – leafcutting bees


Meloidae – blister beetles

Melyridae – soft-winged flower beetles


Milichiidae – milichiid flies

Miridae – plant bugs or leaf bugs

Mordellidae – tumbling flower beetles

Muscidae – muscid flies

Mutillidae – velvet ants

Mycteridae – mycterid beetles



Myrmeleontidae – antlions

Neriidae – cactus flies

Nitidulidae – sap beetles

Noctuidae – noctuid moths

Notonectidae – backswimmers



Opomyzidae – opomyzid flies

Othniidae – false tiger beetles

Otitidae – picture-winged flies

Papilionidae – swallowtails

Pedilidae – pedilid beetles

Pentatomidae – stink bugs

Phengodidae – glow worms



Piophilidae – skipper flies

Plutellidae – diamondback moths

Polyphagidae – sandroaches

Pompilidae – spider wasps

Psychodidae – moth flies and sandflies


Pterophoridae – plume moths

Pyralidae – snout moths, grassmoths, etc.

Raphidiidae – raphidiid snakflies

Reduviidae – assasin bugs

Rhagionidae – snipe flies

Rhopalidae – scentless plant bugs


Saldidae – shore bugs

Sarcophagidae – flesh flies

Scarabaeidae – scarab beetles


Sciaridae – dark-winged fungus gnats


Sepsidae – black scavenger flies


Sphecidae – sphecid wasps

Sphingidae – sphinx or hawk moths

Staphylinidae – rove beetles


Syrphidae – flower flies

Tabanidae – horsefies and deerflies

Tachinidae – tachinid flies

Tenebrionidae – darkling beetles

Tephritidae – fruit flies


Tettigoniidae – longhorned grasshoppers

Timemidae – timemas

Tineidae – clothes moths

Tingidae – lace bugs

Tiphiidae – tiphiid wasps

Tipulidae – crane flies



Trixoscelididae – trixoscelid flies

Vespidae – paper wasps, yellow jackets, hornets