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To cite this list: André, J. M. 2006. Vascular flora of the Granite Mountains, San Bernardino County: An annotated checklist. Crossosoma 32(2):38-74.

The annotated checklist below is based on the Crossosoma publication by Jim André, plus any additional species vouchered since then. The flora comprises all of the Granite Mountains (27,700 ha (107 sq. mi.), including the majority of the alluvial fans surrounding the range and the 3,600 ha University of California’s Sweeney Granite Mountains Desert Research Center. The diverse floristic composition of the Granite Mountains includes elements of the Mojave, Great Basin, and Sonoran/Colorado Deserts. Currently there are 71 families, 256 genera, 502 species/taxa (10 rare, 31 invasive/non-indigenous, 6 cultivated non-indigenous).

This annotated list is arranged alphabetically by family and species. An asterisk (*) precedes a special-status plant listed by the California Native Plant Society. An exclamation mark (!) precedes an introduced or naturalized exotic species. A plus sign (+) precedes a non-naturalized historic cultivar. The scientific name is followed by common name and general abundance and habitat(s). Elevation ranges are provided, followed by an italicized plant collector, collection number, and the code of the institution housing the collection. Institution codes are as follows: Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden (RSA); UC Berkeley (UC and JEPS); UC Riverside (UCR); UC Santa Barbara (UCSB); UC Santa Cruz (UCSC); UC Sweeney Granite Mountains Desert Research Center (GMDRC).


Pteridaceae (Brake Family)

Adiantum capillus-veneris L. – Southern Maiden-hair. Rare, in moist caverns with perennial seeps in Granite Cove, 1300 m. E.J. Lawlor 166 (UCR).

Cheilanthes covillei Maxon – Coville’s Lip Fern. Frequent, at base of rocks and in boulder crevices, 900-2100 m. J. Andre 3757 (GMDRC).

Cheilanthes parryi (D. Eaton) Domin – Parry’s Cloak Fern. Frequent, at base of rocks and in crevices, 700-1500 m. R.F. Thorne 50641 (RSA).

Cheilanthes viscida Davenp. – Viscid Lace Fern. Occasional, at base of rocks and in boulder crevices, 800-1800 m. J. Andre 3976 (GMDRC).

*Cheilanthes wootonii Maxon – Wooton’s Lace Fern. Rare, in rocky outcrops. Unconfirmed voucher from Granite Pass area, 1300 m. B.A. Stein s.n. (UCSC).

Notholaena californica D. Eaton ssp. californica – California Cloak Fern. Rare, dry rocky slopes, ledges, crevices in boulders on east side of range, 1350 m. S.F. Warrick 28(RSA).

Pellaea mucronata (D. Eaton) D. Eaton var. mucronata  Common Bird’s-foot Fern. Uncommon, rocky slopes above 1300 m. R.F. Thorne 51612 (RSA).

Pentagramma triangularis (Kaulf.) G. Yatskievych et al. ssp. maxonii (Weath.) G. Yatskievych et. al. – Maxon’s Goldback Fern. Occasional, rocky slopes up to 2100 m. J. Andre 3975 (GMDRC).

Pentagramma triangularis (Kaulf.) G. Yatskievych et al. ssp. triangularis – Goldback Fern. Uncommon, shaded slopes rocky areas, 1200-2100 m. C.W. Tilforth 1011(RSA).


Cupressaceae (Cypress Family)

Juniperus californica Carriere – California Juniper. Infrequent, but locally common, bajadas and bouldery slopes, east sid of range, 1200-1500 m. A.C. Sanders 14136 (UCR).

Juniperus osteosperma (Torrey) Little – Utah Juniper. Common, rocky slopes and base of cliffs, 1000-2000 m. B.A. Stein 108 (RSA).

Pinaceae (Pine Family)

Pinus monophylla Torrey & Fremont – Singleleaf Pinyon Pine. Common, dominant in upper canyons, north-facing slopes and ridgetops, 1200-2100 m. C.B. Wolf 10144 (RSA).


Ephedraceae (Ephedra Family)

Ephedra aspera S. Watson – Boundary Ephedra. Uncommon, gravelly bajadas on lower slopes, western portion of range, 800-1200 m. B.A. Stein 30 (RSA).

Ephedra californica S. Watson – Desert Tea. Frequent, sandy bajadas and banks of washes, eastern portion of range, 1000-1400 m. J. Andre 5064 (GMDRC).

Ephedra nevadensis S. Watson – Nevada Tea. Common, gravelly bajadas and south-facing slopes, 800-1600 m. J. Andre 3861 (RSA).

Ephedra viridis Cov. – Green Ephedra. Common, rocky slopes and ridgetops in pinyon-juniper woodland, 900-2100 m. R.F. Thorne 45476 (RSA).



Amaranthaceae (Amaranth Family)

!Amaranthus albus L. – White Amaranth, Tumbleweed. Infrequent weed, eradicated from Granite Cove, occasional ruderal along Kelbaker Rd. A.C. Sanders 10207 (UCR).

!Amaranthus blitoides S. Watson – Mat Amaranth. Infrequent weed, disturbed areas in Granite Cove and along Kelbaker Rd. B. Pitzer 4029 (UCR).

Amaranthus fimbriatus (Torrey) Benth. – Fringed Amaranth. Common summer annual, sandy bajadas from 600-1300 m. J. Andre 4805 (GMDRC).

Anacardiaceae (Sumac Family)

Rhus trilobata Torrey & A. Gray – Skunkbush, Lemonade Berry. Frequent, canyon bottoms and brushy north-facing slopes, 900-2100 m. J. Andre 2079 (GMDRC).

Apiaceae (Carrot Family)

Cymopterus panamintensis Coulter & Rose var. acutifolius (J. Coulter & Rose) Munz – Panamint Indian Parsnip. Rare, only in Budweiser Wash. John F. Emmel 546 (RSA).

Lomatium nevadense (S. Watson) J. Coulter & Rose var. nevadense – Nevada Lomatium. Infrequent, north-facing slopes and ridgetops in pinyon-juniper woodland, 1400-2100 m. J. Andre 4097 (GMDRC).

Lomatium parryi (S. Watson) J.F. Macbr. – Parry’s Lomatium. Uncommon, canyon bottoms and north-facing slopes near Granite Pk, 1500-2100. J. Andre 3945 (RSA).

Apocynaceae (Dogbane Family)

Amsonia tomentosa Torrey & Fremont – Woolly Amsonia. Rare, known only from the upper bajada at base of Bull Canyon, 900 m. J. Andre 3677 (RSA).

+Nerium oleander L. – Oleander. Historic cultivars in Granite Cove. (obs. J. Andre 1994).

Asclepiadaceae (Milkweed Family)

Asclepias erosa Torrey – Desert Milkweed. Frequent, in sandy washes and along roadsides, 900-1400 m. B. Pitzer 4065 (UCR).

Asclepias subulata Decne. – Rush Milkweed. Rare, in sandy washes and along Kelbaker Rd, below 1100 m. J. Andre 3140 (GMDRC).

Sarcostemma cynanchoides Decne. ssp. hartwegii (Vail) R. Holm – Climbing Milkweed. Rare, only from Willow Springs Basin,1100 m. B.A. Stein 67 (UCSC).

Sarcostemma hirtellum (A. Gray) R. Holm – Trailing Townula. Occasional, lower alluvial pavements and in sandy washes, 600-1200 m. B.A. Prigge 2802 (UCR).

Asteraceae (Sunflower Family)

Acamptopappus sphaerocephalus (A. Gray) A. Gray var. hirtellus S.F. Blake – Hairy Goldenhead. Common, sandy alluvial fans, 900-1400 m. B. Pitzer 177 (UCR).

Adenophyllum cooperi (A. Gray) Strother – Cooper’s Dyssodia. Frequent, washes and on sandy bajadas, 600-1300 m. J. Andre 3890 (GMDRC).

Adenophyllum porophylloides (A. Gray) Strother – San Felipe Dyssodia. Infrequent, dry rocky hillsides, washes and canyons. J. Douglas Ripley 1918a (UC).

*Ageratina herbacea (A. Gray) R. King & H. Rob. – Fragrant Snakeroot. Rare, one locality in crevice of granite boulders, Cottonwood Basin, 1800 m. (obs., B.A. Stein 1978).

!Ambrosia artemisiifolia L. – Common Ragweed. Rare waif, in only one locality along Kelbaker Rd near Kelso Dunes. J. Andre 4009 (GMDRC).

Ambrosia dumosa (A. Gray) Payne – Burro-weed. Common, dominant of bajadas, pediment plains and flats throughout the area below 1500 m. K. Hart 29 (GMDRC).

Ambrosia eriocentra (A. Gray) Payne – Woolly Bur-sage. Frequent, in sandy washes and dry gullies below 1500 m. B. Pitzer 3905 (UCR).

Amphipappus fremontii Torrey & A. Gray var. spinosus (Nelson) C.L.Porter – Fremont’s Chaff-bush. Infrequent, rocky slopes below 1300 m. F. Warrick 66 (GMDRC).

Anisocoma acaulis Torrey & A. Gray – Scalebud. Locally common, sandy slopes near Kelso Dunes, and in washes on south side of range, below 1200 m. J. Andre 4919 (GMDRC).

Artemisia dracunculus L. – Tarragon. Infrequent, canyon bottoms and sandy washes or seeps at base of boulders, 1300-1600 m. B. Pitzer 4060 (UCR).

Artemisia ludoviciana Nutt. ssp. albula (Wooton) Keck – White Wormwood. Common, in dry sandy soils, bouldery slopes and canyons below 1800 m. B. Pitzer 4018 (UCR).

Artemisia ludoviciana Nutt. ssp. incompta (Nutt.) Keck – Silver wormwood. Rare, occurring only in Cottonwood Basin on rocky north-facing slope at 1500 m. K. Hart 41(GMDRC).

Artemisia tridentata Nutt. ssp. parishii (A. Gray) H.M. Hall & Clements – Parish’s Sagebrush. Frequent, high ridges and slopes near Granite Pk, 1400-2100 m. K. Hart 70 (GMDRC).

Atrichoseris platyphylla A. Gray – Gravel-ghost. Occasional, lower slopes and washes on northwest side of range below 1000 m. B.A.Prigge 2826 (UC).

Baccharis brachyphylla A. Gray – Short-leaved Baccharis. Rare, unconfirmed report from Willow Spring Basin (obs., B.A. Stein 1978).

Baccharis salicifolia (Ruiz & Pav.) Pers. – Mule Fat. Rare, Willow Springs Basin in canyon bottom, 1400 m. (obs., J. Andre 1998).

Baccharis sergiloides A. Gray – Desert Baccharis. Frequent, gravelly or sandy washes and canyon riparian corridors below 1600 m. B. Pitzer 4049 (UCR).

Baileya pleniradiata A. Gray – Woolly Marigold. Infrequent, sandy slopes and aeolian deposits from Granite Pass to near Kelso Dunes. G. Dilworth 25 (UC).

Bebbia juncea (Benth.) E. Greene var. aspera E. Greene – Sweetbush. Locally common, washes and rocky canyon botoms below 1200 m. B.A. Prigge 2808 (UC).

Brickellia arguta Robinson var. arguta – Spear-leaved Brickellia. Frequent, on granitic cliffs and in crevices in boulders below 1400 m. J. Andre 3741 (GMDRC).

Brickellia californica (Torrey & A. Gray) A. Gray – California Brickellia. Common, rocky dry slopes among boulders, 1100-2000 m. B.A. Stein 133 (UC).

Brickellia desertorum Cov. – Desert Brickellia. Occasional, on rocky slopes and in canyons in Sheep Corral, Willow Springs Basin and Budweiser Cyn. B. Pitzer 4047 (UCR).

Brickellia incana A. Gray – Woolly Brickellia. Occasional, large sandy washes and flats below 1100 m.B. Pitzer 3946 (UCR).

Brickellia oblongifolia Nutt. var. linifolia (D. Eaton) Robinson – Narrow-leaved Brickellia. Frequent, dry slopes in canyons, 1300-2000 m. J. Andre 3820 (GMDRC).

Calycoseris parryi A. Gray – Yellow Tack-stem. Infrequent, dry slopes and ridges in gravelly soils, mostly on western half of range, 1100-1800 m. J. Andre 4094 (GMDRC).

Chaenactis carphoclinia A. Gray var. carphoclinia – Pebble Pincussion. Locally common, lower elevations on alluvial fans and flats, below 1200 m. G. Dilworth 34 (UC).

Chaenactis fremontii A. Gray – Fremont’s Pincussion. Common, sandy bajadas and washes below 1600 m. J.R. Haller 1589 (UCSB).

Chaenactis macrantha D. Eaton – Mojave Pincussion. Uncommon, only from dry ridges on west end of range at elevations of 1200-1500 m (obs. B.A. Stein 1978).

Chaenactis stevioides Hook. & Arn. – Desert Pincussion. Frequent on lower slopes and open sandy flats below 1500 m. G.L. Clifton 24411 (GMDRC).

Chrysothamnus depressus Nutt. – Long-flowered rabbitbrush. Infrequent, rocky crevices and ridges above 1400 m. J. Andre 3818 (UCR).

Chrysothamnus paniculatus A. Gray – Black-stem. Infrequent, sandy or gravelly washes at lower elevations (below 1200 m). B.A. Stein 160 (GMCRC).

Chrysothamnus teretifolius (Durand & Hilg.) H.M. Hall – Needle-leaved Rabbitbrush. Uncommon, rocky slopes below 1400 m J. Andre 4010 (GMDRC).

Cirsium neomexicanum A. Gray – Desert Thistle. Occasional, canyons and dry rocky slopes, scattered throughout range, 800-2100 m. J. Andre 4065 (GMDRC).

Conyza canadensis (L.) Cronq. – Horseweed. Rare, from one locality in upper Granite Cove, in moist seep below boulders (obs, J. Andre 2001).

Dicoria canescens A. Gray – Desert Dicoria. Locally common, in aeolian sand on the lower bajadas on the north side of range, below 800 m. J. Andre 4282 (GMDRC).

Encelia actoni Elmer – Acton Encelia. Infrequent, rocky slopes and open areas, Granite Pass to Kelso Dunes, 800-1500 m. J. Andre 3874 (GMDRC).

Encelia farinosa Torrey & A. Gray – Brittlebush, Incienso. Locally common, dry stony and gravelly slopes, below 1200 m. B.A. Prigge 2804 (UC).

Encelia frutescens (A. Gray) A. Gray – Bush Encelia. Frequent, locally dominant in sandy washes and alluvial fans in mixed scrub below 1200 m. B. Pitzer 3879 (UCR).

Encelia virginensis Nelson – Virgin River Encelia. Occasional, gravelly alluvial fans and rocky slopes below 1500 m, more common on east side of range. B. Pitzer 3886 (UCR).

Ericameria cooperi (A. Gray) H.M. Hall var. cooperi – Goldenbush. Common, gravelly bajadas in diverse mixed scrub, 900-1500 m. J. Andre 3694 (GMDRC).

Ericameria cuneata (A. Gray) McClatchie var. spathulata (A. Gray) H.M. Hall – Cuneate-leaved Ericameria. Common, rocky crevices. 1000-2100 m. R.F. Thorne 50640 (UC).

Ericameria laricifolia (A. Gray) Shinn – Turpentine-brush. Occasional, rocky canyons and slopes, pinyon-juniper woodland, mixed scrub, 1000-2100 m. R.F. Thorne 53841 (UC).

Ericameria linearifolia (DC.) Urb. & J. Wussow – Interior Goldenbush. Common, upper bajadas and lower rocky slopes in mixed scrub, 1100-2100 m. J. Evens 43 (GMDRC).

Erigeron breweri A. Gray var. porphyreticus (M.E. Jones) Cronq – Brewer’s Daisy. Occasional, canyons and washes, east side of range, 1300-1600 m. K. Hart 69 (GMDRC).

Erigeron concinnus (Hook. & Arn.) Torrey & A. Gray var. concinnus – Navajo Fleabane. Frequent, Sandy to rocky slopes, crevices, 1200-2000 m. J. Andre 4168 (GMDRC).

Erigeron divergens Torrey & A. Gray – Diffuse Daisy. Occasional, slopes and sandy bajadas, sporatically distributed 1200-2000 m. J. Evens 50 (GMDRC).

Eriophyllum lanosum (A. Gray) A. Gray – White-flowered Woolly Daisy. Infrequent, between Granite Cove and Kelso Dunes, 600-1300 m. J. Andre 3665 (GMDRC).

Eriophyllum pringlei A. Gray – Pringle’s Woolly Daisy. Infrequent, lower slopes and flats on south side of range, 900-1200 m. J. Andre 5062 (GMDRC).

Eriophyllum wallacei (A. Gray) A. Gray – Wallace’s Woolly Daisy. Common, sandy washes, bajadas, open ridges, 700-2100 m. B. Pitzer 3913 (UCR).

Filago californica Nutt – California Filago. Frequent, canyon bottoms, rocky slopes and crevices, 1000-2000 m. J. Andre 3948 (RSA).

Filago depressa A. Gray – Dwarf Filago. Uncommon, sandy washes and alluvial fans, lower slopes on northwest side of range below 1000 m. B.A.Prigge 2582 (UC).

Geraea canescens A. Gray – Desert Sunflower. Uncommon, sandy washes and aeolian deposits near Kelso Dunes, below 1000 m. B.A. Prigge 2555 (UCR).

Glyptopleura marginata D. Eaton – Carved-seed. Uncommon, sandy flats and ridges, northwest side of range below 1500 m. F. Vasek 1 (UCR).

Gnaphalium palustre Nutt – Lowland Cudweed. Uncommon, moist seeps and spring areas, Cottowood Basin, Bighorn Basin and Bull Cyn. A.C. Sanders 14145 (UCR).

Gnaphalium stramineum Kunth – Chilean Cudweed. Uncommon, moist seeps and banks of canyon watercourses. B. Pitzer 4002 (UCR).

Gutierrezia microcephala (DC.) A. Gray – Sticky Snakeweed. Common, washes, sandy flats and disturbed areas 1200-2000 m. B. Pitzer 3880 (UCR).

Gutierrezia sarothrae (Pursh.) Britton & Rusby – Matchweed. Infrequent, grasslands, valley bottoms and ridges, 1300-2100 m. E.J. Lawlor 170 (UCR).

Hymenoclea salsola A. Gray var. pentalepis (Rydb.) L. Benson – Five-scaled Burrobush. Common, washes and sandy flats 700-1500 m. F. Warrick 94 (GMDRC).

Hymenoclea salsola A. Gray var. salsola – Burrobush, Cheesebush. Common, canyons, washes and slopes 700-1600 m. J. Evens 38 (GMDRC).

Layia glandulosa (Hook.) Hook. & Arn. – White Tidy-tips. Occasional, sandy bajadas and aeolian deposits near Kelso Dunes, 700-1800 m. J. Andre 4813 (GMDRC).

Machaeranthera canescens (Pursh.) A. Gray var. leucanthemifolia (E. Greene) B. Turner – Hoary Aster. Uncommon, sands near Kelso Dunes, 800 m. J. Andre 5902 (GMDRC).

Malacothrix coulteri A. Gray – Snake’s-head. Infrequent, lower bajadas on south and west sides of range, 900-1100 m. J. Andre 5773 (GMDRC).

Malacothrix glabrata A. Gray – Desert Dandelion. Common, sandy bajadas, open desert scrub, 700-1400 m. B.A. Stein 11 (GMDRC).

Malacothrix stebbinsii W. Davis & Raven – Stebbins’ Desert Dandelion. Uncommon, gravelly soils beneath shrubs, Willow Springs Basin, 1200-1400 m. W.L. Jepson 20500 (JEPS).

Monoptilon bellidiforme A.Gray – Desert Star. Uncommon, sandy washes, mouth of Cottonwood and lower Playground Wash, 800-1300 m. F. Warrick 11 (GMDRC).

Monoptilon bellioides (A. Gray) Hall – Mojave Desert Star. Occasional, gravelly or stony washes and depressions, 700-1300 m. J. Andre 3989 (GMDRC).

Nicolletia occidentalis A. Gray – Nicolletia. Uncommon, washes and sandy flats, only from lower Willow Springs Wash on south side of range, 1000 m. J. Andre 5065 (GMDRC).

Palafoxia arida B. Turner & M. Morris var. arida – Spanish-needle. Occasional, sandy washes and aeolian deposits, 700-1200 m. J. Andre 4627 (GMDRC).

Pectis papposa Harvey & A. Gray var. papposa Chinch-weed. Locally Common summer annual, sandy or gravelly bajadas and flats, 700-1400 m. T. Tennant 122 (GMDRC).

Perityle emoryi Torrey – Emory Rock-daisy. Occasional, crevices and rocky substrates at lower elevations; mainly southwest side of range, 800-1100 m. F. Warrick 5 (GMDRC).

Pleurocoronis pluriseta (A. Gray) R. King & H. Robinson – Arrow-leaf. Infrequent, crevices and rocky substrates at lower elevations, 800-1100 m. J. Andre 3894 (GMDRC).

Pluchea sericea (Nutt.) Cov. – Arrow-weed. Rare, subsaline soils associated with sidehill seep, Budweiser Cyn, 1450 m. J. Andre 5722 (GMDRC).

Porophyllum gracile Benth. – Odora. Occasional, gravelly washes and hills, dry rocky slopes, below 1300 m. F. Warrick 98 (GMDRC).

Prenanthella exigua (A. Gray) Rydb. – Egbertia. Rare, known only from dry rocky canyons on west side of range, below 1500 m. J. Andre 5683 (GMDRC).

Psilostrophe cooperi (A. Gray) E. Greene – Paper-daisy. Infrequent, lower slopes on north side of range below 1400 m. B.A. Stein s.n. (UCSC).

Rafinesquia californica Nutt. – California Chicory. Uncommon, known only from gravelly slopes in Willow Spring Basin, 1400-1600 m. B.A. Stein s.n. (UCSC).

Rafinesquia neomexicana A. Gray – Desert Chicory. Occasional, sandy or gravelly washes, bajadas and slopes, 800-1900 m. B.A. Stein 19 (GMDRC).

Senecio flaccidus Less. var. monoensis (E Greene) Turner & Barkley – Shrubby Butterweed. Frequent, canyon bottoms and washes, 900-1500 m. K. Hart 30 (GMDRC).

Senecio multilobatus A. Gray – Basin Butterweed. Uncommon, rocky or gravelly slopes and ridges, northeastern corner of range, 1400-1800 m. B.A. Stein 65 (GMDRC).

Solidago confinis A. Gray – Southern Goldenrod. Infrequent, seeps and springs, understory of woodland, 1300-1800 m. J. Andre 5639 (GMDRC).

Sonchus asper (L.) Hill ssp. asper – Prickly Sow-thistle. Rare,only from lower Budweiser Cyn, in moist seeps, 1200 m. J. Andre 4085 (GMDRC).

Sonchus oleraceus L. – Common Sow-thistle. Uncommon, moist canyon bottoms and seeps, known from only three localities, 1200-1800 m. J. Andre 4048 (GMDRC).

Stephanomeria exigua Nutt. – Small Stephanomeria. Frequent, sandy bajadas and banks of washes, 700-1500 m. J. Andre 4091 (GMDRC).

Stephanomeria parryi A. Gray – Parry’s Stephanomeria. Infrequent, widely scattered occurrences, gravelly bajadas and ridges, 1200-1600 m. F. Warrick 82 (GMDRC).

Stephanomeria pauciflora (Nutt.) Nelson var. pauciflora – Wire-lettuce. Occasional, sandy washes and aeolian deposits near Kelso Dunes, 700-1300 m. K. Hart 54 (GMDRC).

Stylocline micropoides A. Gray – Desert Neststraw. Infrequent, dry rocky slopes, lower elevations, 700-1400 m. J. Andre 3731 (GMDRC).

Syntrichopappus fremontii A. Gray – Yellow Syntrichopappus. Infrequent, washes and sandy slopes, mostly on eastern end of range, 1300-1800 m. G.L. Clifton 34459 (GMDRC).

*Tetradymia argyraea Munz & Roos – Striped Horsebrush. Infrequent, high ridges and rocky slopes in openings of pinyon woodland, above 1500 m. J. Andre 3937 (GMDRC).

Tetradymia stenolepis E. Greene – Mojave Horsebrush. Frequent, plateaus and upper bajadas in enriched succulent and mixed scrub 1200-1900 m. J. Andre 5628 (GMDRC).

Trichoptilium incisum A. Gray – Yellow-head. Infrequent, dry open bajadas and gravelly flats on west side of range below 1000 m. B.A. Stein 93 (GMDRC).

Trixis californica Kellogg var. californica – California Trixis. Uncommon, rocky pediments, west side of range near base of Budweiser Wash, 800 m. J. Evens 68 (GMDRC).

Uropappus lindleyi (D.C.) Nutt. – Silver Puffs. Occasional, widely scattered in sandy bajadas and understory of woodland, 1000-2000 m. J. Andre 4921 (UCR).

Viguiera parishii E. Greene – Parish’s Viguiera. Frequent, dry rocky canyons and slopes, lower elevations below 1500 m. J. Andre 3696 (GMDRC).

Xylorhiza tortifolia (Torrey and A. Gray) E. Greene var. tortifolia – Mojave Aster. Frequent, gravelly bajadas in diverse shrub associations, below 1400 m. J. Andre 5067 (GMDRC).

Berberidaceae (Barberry Family)

*Berberis fremontii Torrey – Fremont’s Barberry. Rare, rocky slopes, only near summit of E. Fork Willow Springs Cyn, 1600 m. C.B. Wolf 10148 (RSA).

Bignoniaceae (Bignonia Family)

Chilopsis linearis (Cav.) Sweet ssp. Arcuata (Fosb.)Henrickson – Desert Willow. Ocassional, large washes at lower elevations below 1300 m. B. Pitzer 3941 (UCR).

Boraginaceae (Borage Family)

Amsinckia tessellata A. Gray var. tessellata – Fiddleneck. Common, sandy bajadas and flats, south-facing slopes throughout the range, 700-1500 m. F. Warrick 2 (GMDRC).

Amsinckia menziesii (Lehm.) Nelson & J.F. Macbr. var. intermedia Fischer & C.Meyer – Rancher’s fireweed. Ocassional, gravelly bajadas and slopes, 1000-2000 m. J. Andre 4131 (GMDRC).

Cryptantha angustifolia (Torrey) & E. Greene – Narrow-leaved Cryptantha. Common, sandy washes and bajadas, gravelly open slopes, 700-1500 m. B. Pitzer 3911 (UCR).

Cryptantha barbigera (A. Gray) E. Greene – Bearded Cryptantha. Locally common, gravelly bajadas and rocky slopes and washes, usually below 1300 m. J. Andre 3750 (GMDRC).

Crypthanta circumscissa (Hook & Arn.) Johnston – Greeneocharis. Frequent, sandy washes and flats throughout elevations below 1400 m. J. Andre 2110 (GMCR).

Cryptantha decipiens (M.E. Jones) A.A. Heller – Gravel Cryptantha. Uncommon, rocky slopes and understory of boulders and woodland, 1100-2100 m. J. Andre 3960 (RSA).

Cryptantha dumetorum (E. Greene) E. Greene – Bush-loving Cryptantha. Uncommon, sandy bajadas (often twining through Ambrosia), below 1100 m. J. Andre 3958 (GMDRC).

Cryptantha gracilis Osterh. – Slender Cryptantha. Occasional, ridgetops and in understory of pinyon-juniper woodland, 1400-2100 m. J. Andre 4167 (GMDRC).

Cryptantha maritima (E. Greene) E. Greene – Guadalupe Cryptantha. Infrequent, rocky outcrops and gravelly slopes at lower elevations, 800-1200 m. J. Andre 3956 (GMDRC).

Cryptantha micrantha (Torrey) Johnston – Eremocarya. Occasional, sandy washes and aeolian deposits near Kelso Dunes, 700-1300 m. J. Andre 3863 (GMDRC).

Cryptantha nevadensis Nelson & Kenn. – Nevada Crytantha. Occasional, sandy or gravelly bajadas, washes (under shrubs), rocky hillsides, 800-1800 m. J. Andre 5903 (GMDRC).

Cryptantha pterocarya (Torrey) E. Greene – Wing-nut Cryptantha. Common, sandy and gravelly bajadas surrounding range, 700-1300 m. C.L. Clifton 35111 (GMDRC).

Cryptantha racemosa (S. Watson) E. Greene – Bushy Cryptantha. Uncommon, rocky crevices and dry gravelly slopes, Willow Springs Basin, 1100-1300 m. J. Andre 3959 (GMDRC).

Cryptantha utahensis (A. Gray) E. Greene – Scented Cryptantha. Occasional, gravelly or rocky slopes, into pinyon-juniper woodland, 1000-1900 m. J. Andre 4029 (GMDRC).

Pectocarya heterocarpa (I.M. Johnston) I.M. Johnston – Chuckawalla Pectocarya. Frequent, dry sandy bajadas in openings among shrubs, below 1500 m. G.L. Clifton 24408

Pectocarya penicillata (Hook. & Arn.) A. DC. – Bristled Pectocarya. Disturbed areas, flats, mainly eastern side of range, 900-1500 m. B.A. Prigge 2860 (UCR). .

Pectocarya platycarpa Munz & I.M. Johnston – Broad-fruited Pectocarya. Frequent, washes and sandy bajadas, 700-1400 m. J. Andre 3895 (GMDRC).

Pectocarya recurvata I.M. Johnston – Recurved Pectocarya. Occasional, shelter of rocks, gravellly bajadas, 800-1600m. J. Andre 3949 (GMDRC).

Pectocarya setosa A. Gray – Bristly Pectocarya. Frequent sometimes dominant understory of shrubs on gravelly bajadas, 800-1800 m. G.L. Clifton 25113 (GMDRC).

Plagiobothrys arizonicus (A. Gray) A. Gray – Arizona Popcorn Flower. Locally common, sandy bajadas and washes, 900-1900 m. J. Andre 4918 (GMDRC).

Tiquilia plicata (Torrey) A. Richardson – Plicate-leaved Tiquilia. Sandy areas, roadsides and aeolian deposits near Kelso Dunes, below 1200 m. J. Andre 4202 (GMDRC).

Brassicaceae (Mustard Family)

Arabis glaucovalvula M.E. Jones – Blue-podded Rock-cress. Rare, rocky summits and slopes, usually metamorphic substrates, 1000-1300 m. B.A. Stein s.n. (UCSC).

Arabis perennans S. Watson – Perennial Rock-cress. Occasional, canyon walls, gravelly slopes, understory of woodland, 1200-2100 m. G.L.Clifton 24608 (GMDRC).

Arabis pulchra M.E. Jones var. gracilis M.E. Jones – Beautiful Rock-cress. Occasional, shaded microsites on rocky or gravelly slopes, 1000-2100 m. J. Andre 4169 (GMDRC).

Athysanus pusillus (Hook.) E. Greene – Athysanus. Rare, grassy openings among pinyon, mouth of Cottonwood Basin, 1300 m. G.L. Clifton 31578 (GMDRC).

!Capsella bursa-pastoris (L.)Medikus – Shepard’s Purse. Rare waif, maintenance yard in Granite Cove; since extirpated. R. Norris s.n. (GMDRC).

!Brassica tournefortii Gouan – Tournefort’s Mustard. Occasional, rapidly invading roadsides and sandy bajadas below 1400 m. First obs in flora 1995. J. Andre 3643 (GMDRC).

Caulanthus cooperi (S. Watson) Payson – Cooper’s Caulanthus. Infrequent, open sandy or gravelly bajadas or gentle slopes, 1000-2100. B.A. Prigge s.n. (UCR).

Descurainia pinnata (Walter) Britton ssp. Glabra (Wooton & Standley) Delt. – Western Tansy Mustard. Frequent, bajadas and flats, 800-1500 m. J. Andre 3900 (GMDRC).

Descurainia pinnata (Walter) Britton ssp. halictorum (Cockerell) Detl. – Tansy Mustard. Infrequent, sandy or gravelly washes and flats, 1000-1400 m. J. Andre 3900 (GMDRC).

!Descurainia sophia (L.) Webb – Eurasian Tansy Mustard. Uncommon, disturbed sites, roadsides, sandy areas near Kelso Dunes. K. Hart 47 (GMDRC).

Dithyrea californica Harvey – California Spectacle-pod. Uncommon, sandy banks of washes, aeolian deposits near Kelso Dunes, 700-1300 m. J. Andre 3951 (GMDRC).

Draba cuneifolia Torrey & A. Gray – Sonora Draba. Occasional, shaded crevices in rocks and gravelly slopes, 1200-2100 m. J. Andre 3673 (GMDRC).

Guillenia lasiophylla (Hook. & Arn.) E. Greene – California Mustard. Occasional, sandy bajadas and flats, below 1300 m. J. Evens 93 (GMDRC).

!Hirschfeldia incana (L.) Lagr. Fossat – Mediterranean Mustard. Uncommon, disturbed areas in Granite Cove and Cottonwood Basin, 1300-1400 m. J. Andre 3829 (GMDRC).

Hutchinsia procumbens (L.) Desv.- Hutchinsia. Rare, moist shady sites near seeps or understory of woodland, east side of range, 1100-1400 m. G.L. Clifton 25026 (GMDRC).

Lepidium densiflorum Schrader var. elongatum (Rydb.) Thell. – Dense-flowered Lepidium. Rare, sandy canyon drainages, Willow Spr. Basin, 1500 m. J. Andre 3987 (GMDRC).

Lepidium fremontii Wats. var. fremontii – Fremont’s Pepper-grass. Occasional, sandy bajadas and flats below 1300 m. J. Andre 3867 (GMDRC).

Lepidium lasiocarpum Torrey & A. Gray var. lasiocarpum – Hairy Pod Pepper-grass. Frequent, open sites on slopes and bajadas, 900-2000 m. J. Andre 3138 (GMDRC).

!Sisymbrium irio L. – London Rocket. Uncommon, disturbed areas along roadsides and developments, 800-1400 m. B. Pitzer 4033 (UCR).

Stanleya pinnata (Pursh.) Britton var. pinnata – Golden Prince’s Plume. Infrequent, associated with subalkaline soils near seeps, 1200-1500 m. J. Andre 3857 (GMDRC).

Streptanthella longirostris (S. Watson) Rydb. – Small Streptanthella. Frequent, sandy bajadas and aeolian deposits near Kelso Dunes, 700-1200 m. J. Andre 4215 (GMDRC).

Thysanocarpus curvipes Hook. – Narrow-leaved Fringe-pod. Occasional, gentle slopes and moist understory of woodland, 1000-1600 m. G.L. Clifton 25101 (GMDRC).

Thysanocarpus laciniatus Torrey & A. Gray – Hairy Fringe-pod. Occasional, gravelly bajadas and rocky slopes, 1200-1800 m. G.L. Clifton 15029 (GMDRC).

Tropidocarpum gracile Hook. – Dobie pod or slender tropidocarpum. Rare, gravelly bajada on old roadbed, 1200-1800 m. G.L. Clifton 15029 (GMDRC).

Cactaceae (Cactus Family)

Cylindropuntia acanthocarpa (Engelm. & J. Bigelow) F.M. Knuth var. coloradensis Benson – Buckhorn Cholla. Common, gravelly bajadas, 900-1500 m. A.C. Sanders 5820 (UCR).

Cylindropuntia echinocarpa (Engelm. & J. Bigelow) F.M Knuth – Silver Cholla. Frequent, sandy bajadas and dry flats, below 1400 m. J. Andre 6277 (GMDRC).

Cylindropuntia ramosissima (Engelm.) F.M. Knuth – Pencil Cholla. Common, gravelly bajadas in divserse mixed scrub associations below 1400 m. B. Pitzer 4150 (UCR).

Echinocactus polycephalus Engelm. & J. Bigelow var. polycephalus – Clustered Barrel Cactus. Uncommon, rocky hills and silty flats below 1100 m. J Andre 5910 (GMDRC).

Echinocereus engelmannii (Engelm.) Lemaire – Engleman’s Hedgehog Cactus. Frequent, dry rocky and gravelly slopes, 1000-2000 m. J. Andre 5802 (GMDRC).

Echinocereus triglochidiatus Engelm. – Mojave Mound Cactus. Occasional, gravelly bajadas or slopes, usually in diverse shrub associations, 1000-2100 m. C.B. Wolf 10172 (RSA).

Ferocactus cylindraceus (Engelm.) Orcutt – Leconte’s California Barrel Cactus. Occasional, rocky or gravelly slopes or upper bajadas, 900-1500 m. J. Andre 5523 (GMDRC).

Mammillaria tetrancistra Engelm. – Spiny Fishhook Cactus. Infrequent, rocky pediments, slopes, gravelly bajadas, 900-1500 m. J. Andre 5960 (GMDRC).

Opuntia basilaris Engelm. & J. Bigelow var. basilaris – Beavertail. Frequent, gravelly bajadas, washes, pinyon-juniper woodland, 800-1900 m. J. Andre 5526 (GMDRC).

Opuntia chlorotica Engelm. & J. Bigelow – Pancake Prickly-pear. Occasional, bouldery slopes and rocky canyon walls, 1100-1600 m. J. Andre 5776 (GMDRC).

Opuntia phaeacantha Engelm. – Mojave Tuna. Infrequent, ridgetops and gravelly slopes, understory of pinyon-juniper woodland, 1000-1800 m. J. Andre 6188 (GMDRC).

Opuntia polycantha Haworth var. erinacea (Engelm. & J. Bigelow) B.D. Parfitt – Mojave Prickly-pear. Frequent, ridgetops and rocky slopes, 1300-2100 m. (obs. J. Andre 1994).

Campanulaceae (Bellflower Family)

Nemacladus glanduliferus Jepson var. orientalis McVaugh – Glandular Nemacladus Uncommon, sandy bajadas and washes, below 1600 m. J. Andre 3980 (GMDRC).

Nemacladus rubescens E. Greene – Desert Nemacladus. Uncommon, dry washes and slopes in sand or gravel, below 1500 m. J. Andre 5083 (UCR).

Nemacladus sigmoideus G. Robb. – Small-flowered Nemacladus. Rare, sandy or gravelly soils, especially near Kelso Dunes, 700-1200 m. W.L. Jepson 20509 (JEPS).

Capparaceae (Caper Family)

Isomeris arborea (Nutt.) – Bladderpod. Occasional, in sandy washes and flats, mainly eastern side of range below 1300 m. M. Lopez 2 (GMDRC)

Caryophyllaceae (Pink Family)

Achyronychia cooperi Torry & A. Gray – Onyx Flower. Infrequent, sandy slopes, washes, flats, below 1300 m. F. Warrick 22 (GMDRC).

Arenaria macradenia Watson var. macradenia – Desert Sandwort. Occasional, dry rocky slopes, ridges and understory of woodland, 1200-2100 m. J. Evens 29 (GMDRC).

Silene antirrhina L. – Snapdragon Catchfly. Uncommon, rocky or bouldery slopes in pinyon-juniper woodland, mainly east side of range, 1300-1800 m. K. Hart 25 (RSA).

Silene verecunda S. Watson ssp. andersonii (Clokey) C. Hitchc. &Maguire – Dolores Campion. Uncommon, open sites in woodland, 1400-2000 m. J. Andre 3946 (GMDRC).

Chenopodiaceae (Goosefoot Family)

Atriplex canescens (Pursh.) Nutt. ssp. canescens – Fourwing Saltbush. Uncommon, canyon bottoms or near seeps, 1300-1800 m. J. Andre 3897 (GMDRC).

Atriplex polycarpa (Torrey) S. Watson – All-scale. Uncommon, sandy soil at lower elevations on west (and southeast) side of range, below 1000 m. B Pitzer 4053 (UCR).

Chenopodium fremontii S. Watson – Fremont’s goosefoot. Uncommon, shaded sites, usually understory of woodland or in disturbed areas, 1000-1700 m. A.C. Sanders 10206 (UCR).

!Chenopodium murale L. – Wall Goosefoot. Rare waif, disturbed soils, Sheep Corral and Granite Cove (extirpated both sites in 2001). J. Evens 100 (GMDRC).

Grayia spinosa (Hook.) Moq. – Hopsage. Frequent, sandy or gravelly bajadas in diverse mixed scrub associations, 1100-1500 m. K. Hart 15 (GMDRC).

Krascheninnikovia lanata (Pursh.) A.D.J. Meeuse & Smit – Winter Fat. Infrequent, bajadas with diverse mixed scrub, mainly south side along I-40. J. Andre 4090 (GMDRC).

!Salsola tragus L. – Russian Thistle. Uncommon, disturbed sites in Granite Cove (extirpated 1996), roadsides, and sandy soils near Kelso Dunes, below 1300 m. (obs. J. Andre 1996).

Convolvulaceae (Morning Glory Family)

!Convolvulus arvensis L. – Bindweed. Rare waif, along Kelbaker Rd in growing on disturbed shoulder of road, 1100 m. J. Andre 4152 (GMDRC).

Crassulaceae (Stonecrop Family)

Dudleya pulverulenta (Nutt.) Britton & Rose ssp. arizonica (Rose & Moran) – Arizona Dudleya. Uncommon, rocky and crevices, 1200-1500 m. J. Andre 4089 (GMDRC).

Dudleya saxosa (M.E. Jones) Britton & Rose ssp. aloides (Rose) Moran – Banner Dudleya. Frequent, rocky slopes and among boulders, 1200-2000 m. J. Andre 3688 (GMDRC)

Cucurbitaceae (Gourd Family)

Cucurbita palmata S. Watson – Coyote Melon. Infrequent, roadsides, sandy washes and flats, below 700-1400 m. B. Pitzer 4052 (UCR).

Cuscutaceae (Dodder Family)

Cuscuta californica Hook. & Arn. var. californica – California Dodder. Occasional, sandy bajadas or washes, growing on shrubs, below 1400 m. J. Andre 4574 (GMDRC).

Ericaceae (Heath Family)

Arctostaphylos nova sp. (undergoing taxonomic study) – Manzanita. Very rare, known from one occurrence on ridge south of Cottonwood Basin, 1700 m. J. Andre 4052 (GMDRC).

Euphorbiaceae (Spurge Family)

Chamaesyce albomarginata (Torrey & A. Gray) Small – Rattlesnake Weed. Frequent, sandy bajadas and flats, below 1400 m. F. Warrick 21 (GMDRC).

Chamaesyce micromera (Engelm.) Wooton & Standley – Desert Spurge. Frequent summer annual, sandy soils below 1200 m. R.F. Thorne 50664 (RSA).

Chamaesyce polycarpa (Benth.) Millsp. – Big Spurge. Locally common, washes, flats, sandy slopes, below 1600 m. J. Andre 4631 (GMDRC).

Chamaesyce serpyllifolia (Pers.) Small ssp. serpyllifolia – Thyme-leaved Spurge. Occasional, gravelly bajadas 1000-1800 m. R.F. Thorne 50678 (RSA).

Chamaesyce setiloba (Torrey) Parish – Yuma Spurge. Frequent, sandy flats and bajadas below 1500 m. R.F. Thorne 50662 (RSA).

Croton californicus Muell. Arg. – California Croton. Uncommon, aeolian sand deposits on lower alluvial fans near Kelso Dunes, below 800 m. R.F. Thorne 51235 (RSA).

!Eremocarpus setiger (Hook.) Benth. – Turkey Mullein. Rare waif, growing on shoulder of Kelbaker Road near Granite Pass (obs. J. Andre 2002).

Euphorbia incisa Engelm. – Mojave Spurge. Frequent, rock crevices and bouldery slopes, especially on eastern half of range, 1200-2000 m. J. Andre 2126 (GMDRC).

Stillingia linearifolia Wats. – Linear-leaved Stillingia. Occasional, gravelly slopes and washes, below 1400 m. J. Andre 3743 (GMDRC).

Fabaceae (Pea Family)

Acacia greggii A. Gray – Catclaw Acacia. Locally common, dynamic washes, canyon bottoms, rocky slopes and crevices in cliffs, 700-1800 m. B.A. Stein 112 (GMDRC).

Astragalus acutirostris S. Watson – Beaked Rattle-weed. Occasional, open gravelly pediments and slopes, 1000-1500 m. R.F. Thorne 51550 (RSA).

Astragalus didymocarpus Hook. & Arn. var. didymocarpus – Two-seeded Milkvetch. Locally common, gravelly slopes at lower elevations, below 1300 m. J. Andre 3947 (GMDRC).

Astragalus didymocarpus Hook. & Arn. var. dispermus (A. Gray) Jepson – Desert Dwarf Milkvetch. Uncommon, gravelly bajadas below 1200 m. C.B. Wolf 10129 (RSA).

Astragalus layneae E. Greene – Layne’s Rattleweed. Occasional, roadsides, dry slopes and washes, mostly east side of range, 1000-2000 m. J. Andre 3990 (GMDRC).

*Astragalus lentiginosus Hook. var. borreganus M.E. Jones – Borrego Milkvetch. Rare, aeolian deposits near Kelso Dunes 800 m. G.L. Clifton 36627 (GMDRC).

Astragalus lentiginosus Hook. var. fremontii A. Gray & Wats. – Fremont’s Freckled Milkvetch. J. Andre 2123 (GMDRC).

Astragalus mojavensis S. Watson var. mojavensis – Mojave Rattleweed. Occasional, dry rocky slopes, 1200-1900 m. B.A. Prigge 2327 (RSA).

Astragalus nutans M.E. Jones – Providence Mtn. Milkvetch. Uncommon, canyon bottoms, gravelly slopes and ridges, 1400-2000 m. A. C. Sanders 14134 (UCR).

Astragalus nuttallianus A. DC. var. imperfectus (Rydb.) Barneby – Nutall’s Milkvetch. Occasional, dry stoney or gravelly slopes, 900-2000 m. C.B. Wolf 10130 (RSA).

Astragalus purshii Hook. var. tinctus M.E. Jones – Sheep-pod. Infrequent, canyon washes and open grassy slopes, 1300-1900 m. G.L. Clifton 15031 (GMDRC).

+Caesalpinia gilliesii (Wall ex. Hook.) Benth. – Bird Of Paradise. Rare, planted at “Dorners” cabin, east side of range, 1300 m. (obs. J. Andre 1994). Note: not naturalizing into wild.

Dalea mollissima (Rydb.) Munz – Downy Dalea. Infrequent, gravelly bajadas and washes, below 1100 m. B.A. Prigge 2580 (UCR).

Lotus humistratus E. Greene – Short-podded Lotus. Infrequent, rocky slopes and gravelly bajadas, below 1500 m. J. Andre 5099 (GMDRC).

Lotus rigidus (Benth.) E. Greene – Desert Lotus. Frequent, rocky and gravelly slopes, mostly eastern side of range, 1000-1800 m. B.A. Prigge 2858 (UCR).

Lotus strigosus (Nutt.) E Greene – Strigose Lotus. Locally common, sandy and gravelly bajadas and gentle slopes, 800-1500 m. B. Pitzer 3941(UCR).

Lupinus arizonicus (S. Watson) S. Watson – Arizona Lupine. Occasional, washes and roadsides, mainly on east side of range, 900-1200 m. J. Andre 5966 (GMDRC).

Lupinus concinnus J. Agardh. – Bajada Lupine. Frequent, sandy and gravelly washes and alluvial fans below 1500 m. G.L. Clifton 24788 (GMRC).

Lupinus microcarpus Sims var. microcarpus – Chick Lupine. Uncommon, sandy or disturbed areas, once seeded along Kelbaker Rd, 1000-1400 m. A.C. Sanders 14147 (UCR).

Lupinus shockleyi S. Watson – Shockley’s Lupine. Uncommon, aeolian deposits in lower alluvial fans near Kelso Dunes below 1000 m. Steve Boyd 1 (UCR).

Lupinus sparsiflorus Benth. – Coulter’s Lupine. Occasional, washes on east side of range, and aeolian deposits near Kelso Dunes below 1300 m. J. Andre 5101 (UCR).

Prosopis glandulosa Torrey var. torreyana (L. Benson) M. Johnston – Honey Mesquite. Infrequent, canyon bottoms, seeps and springs, 1200-1700 m. J. Andre 5777 (GMDRC).

Psorothamnus arborescens (A. Gray) Barneby var. minutifolius Parish) Barneby – Johnson’s Indigo Bush. Occasional, gravelly areas below 1400 m. J. Andre 3866 (RSA).

Psorothamnus spinosus (A. Gray) Barneby – Smoke Tree. Uncommon, washes near Kelso Dunes, and along Kelbaker Rd near I-40. (obs. J. Andre 1998).

+Robinia pseudoacacia L. – Black locust. Rare, planted near residence in Granite Cove, 1350 m. (obs. J. Andre 1994).

Senna armata (S. Watson) H. Irwin & Barneby – Spiny Senna. Common, sandy or gravelly bajadas and flats, 800-1500 m. B. Pitzer 3792 (UCR).

Fagaceae (Oak Family)

Quercus chrysolepis Liebm. – Canyon Live Oak. Infrequent, canyons and bouldery slopes above 1300 m, mostly east side of range. R.F. Thorne 45420 (UCD).

Garryaceae (Silk Tassel Family)

Garrya flavescens S. Watson – Ashy Silk-tassel. Infrequent, canyons near springs, bouldery slopes above 1400 m. Peggy Ledyard s.n. (UCR).

Gentianaceae (Gentian Family)

Centaurium exaltatum (Griseb.) Piper – Alkaline Centaury. Rare, seeps and springs in wet sod, Coyote Spring, Willow Springs Basin, 1100-1500 m. J. Andre 4177 (GMDRC).

Geraniaceae (Geranium Family)

!Erodium cicutarium (L.) Aiton – Red-stemmed Filaree. Common, sandy washes and bajadas, sometimes dominant ground cover, below 1600 m. B. Pitzer 3887 (UCR).

Erodium texanum A. Gray – Mojave Filaree. Uncommon, gravelly flats and pavement surfaces at lower elevations, 800-1100 m. J. Andre 3661 (GMDRC).

Grossulariaceae (Gooseberry Family)

Ribes velutinum E. Greene – Plateau Gooseberry. Uncommon, shaded sites among boulders or understory of woodland, 1500-2100 m. J. Andre 3940 (GMDRC).

Hydrophyllaceae (Waterleaf Family)   

Emmenanthe penduliflora Benth. var. penduliflora – Yellow-flowered Whispering Bells. Uncommon, rocky or gravelly slopes, 1100-1600 m. J. Andre 4199 (GMDRC).

*Eriodictyon angustifolium Nutt. – Narrow-leaved Yerba Santa. Uncommon, gravelly slopes and ridges, east side of range only, 1400-1800 m. J. Evens s.n. (UCR).

Eucrypta chrysanthemifolia (Benth.) E. Greene var. bipinnatifida (Torrey) Constance – Small-flowered Eucrypta. Occasional, rock crevices and gravelly slopes, 900-1600 m. J. Andre 2105 (GMDRC).

Eucrypta micrantha (Torrey) A.A. Heller – Desert Eucrypta. Infrequent, rock crevices and slopes, lower elevations (mainly west side) below 1100 m. F. Warrick 23 (GMDRC).

Nama demissa  A. Gray  var. demissa    Purple Mat. Occasional, washes and sandy flats, especially near Kelso Dunes, 700-1300 m. G.L. Clifton 34190 (GMDRC).

Nemophila menziesii Hook. & Arn. var. integrifolia Parish – Southern Baby Blue-eyes. Occasional, rocky or gravelly slopes, 1300-2000 m. G.L. Clifton 24457 (GMDRC).

Phacelia affinis A. Gray – Purple-bell Phacelia. Uncommon, boulders and rock crevices, gravelly slopes 1300-1800 m. S. Fahl 1 (GMDRC).

Phacelia campanularia A. Gray ssp. vasiformis Gillett – Desert Blue-bells. Occasional, rocky slopes and washes, especially eastern half of range, 1100-1700 m. B. Pitzer 3966 (UCR).

Phacelia crenulata Torrey var. ambigua (M.E. Jones) J.F. Macbr. – Crenulate-leaved Phacelia. Common, gravelly bajadas below 1500 m. G.L. Clifton 33727 (GMDRC).

Phacelia cryptantha E. Greene – Limestone Phacelia. Infrequent, steep gravelly slopes and among boulders, especially west side of range, 1000-1800 m. J. Andre 4098 (GMDRC).

Phacelia curvipes Wats. – Washoe Phacelia. Uncommon, shaded slopes and canyon washes, mainly east side of range, 1200-1500 m. K. Hart 56 (GMDRC).

Phacelia distans Benth. – Common Phacelia. Common, sandy or gravelly bajadas or ridge tops in mixed shrub associations, below 1700 m. J. Andre 3759 (GMDRC).

Phacelia fremontii Torrey – Fremont’s Phacelia. Locally common early spring, sandy or gravelly bajadas 1000-2000 m. F.C. Vasek 6 (UCR).

Phacelia ivesiana Torrey – Ives’ Phacelia. Uncommon, aeolian sand deposits near Kelso Dunes below 900 m. J. Andre 4207 (GMDRC)

Phacelia lemmonii A. Gray – Lemmon’s Phacelia. Uncommon, washes and canyon bottoms in damp soils, 1100-1500 m. J. Andre 4158 (GMDRC).

Phacelia pachyphylla A. Gray – Thick-leaf Phacelia. Rare, on banks of washes; only Bull Cyn Wash near Kelso Dunes, 900 m. R. F. Thorne 51152 (UC).

Phacelia pedicellata A. Gray – Pedicelled Phacelia Uncommon, among rocks and banks of drainages, below 1200 m. B.A. Prigge 2838 (UCR).

Phacelia rotundifolia A. Gray – Round-leaf Phacelia. Infrequent, rock crevices, cliff faces, steep gravelly slopes, 800-1600 m. B.A. Prigge 2836 (UCR).

Phacelia vallis-mortae J. Voss – Death Valley Phacelia. Rare, limestone gravels on Silver Peak and upper Bull Canyon, 1800-2000 m. R.F. Thorne 51615 (UC).

Pholistoma membranaceum (Benth.) Constance – White Fiesta-flower. Occasional, gravelly slopes in diverse scrub, mostly east side, 1100-1600 m. J. Andre 3973 (GMDRC).

Krameriaceae (Rhatany Family)

Krameria erecta Rose & Painter – Pima Rhatany. Common, sandy and gravelly bajadas and gentle slopes in diverse shrub associations, 800-1500 m. B.A. Stein 69 (GMDRC).

Krameria grayi Schultes – White Rhatany. Occasional, sandy and gravelly bajadas and sandy flats at lower elevations, 800-1300 m. B.A. Prigge 2797 (UCR).

Lamiaceae (Mint Family)   

Mentha arvensis L. – Mint. Rare, growing in moist shade of willows at Twin Springs, east side of range 1200 m. J. Andre 4571 (GMDRC).

Monardella linoides A. Gray ssp. linoides – Flax-leaved Monardella. Occasional, bouldery slopes and woodlands 1000-2100 m. B. Pitzer 4013 (UCR).

Salazaria mexicana Torrey – Bladder Sage. Frequent, sandy washes, bajadas and flats, sometimes as a dominant, 1000-1500 m. J. Andre 5068 (GMDRC).

Salvia columbariae Benth. – Chia. Frequent, sandy washes, flats and bajadas, 800-1600 m. R.F. Thorne 45463 (RSA).

Salvia dorrii (Kellogg) Abrams var. dorrii – Purrple Sage. Common, sandy or gravelly washes, bajadas and slopes, 800-1900 m. W. Wisura 4361 (RSA).

Salvia dorrii (Kellogg) Abrams var. pilosa (A. Gray) J.L. Strachan & Rev. – Hairy Sage. Uncommon, slopes and washes 1000-1800 m. K. Hart 2 (RSA).

Salvia mohavensis E. Greene – Mojave Sage. Occasional, rocky or gravelly slopes or understory to woodlands, 1300-2100 m. A.C. Sanders 5823 (UCR).

Salvia pachyphylla Munz – Rose Sage. Uncommon, washes and gravelly slopes in shaded areas, Cottonwood Basin and Granite Pk, 1600-2100 m. J. Andre 3941 (RSA).

Lennoaceae (Lennoa Family)

Pholisma arenarium Hook. – Pholisma. Infrequent, sandy washes and flats, especially near Kelso Dunes, 800-1300 m. J. Andre 5181 (GMDRC).

Linaceae (Flax Family)

Linum lewisii Pursh. – Desert Yellow Flax. Rare, ridgetops near summit, and near Cottonwood Basin (obs. J. Andre 2000); locality of 1930 collection by M.E. Jones s.n. (UC) is vague.

Loasaceae (Loasa Family)

Mentzelia albicaulis Hook. – White-stemmed Mentzelia. Frequent, gravelly bajadas and gentle slopes, 900-1600 m. G.L. Clifton 30421 (GMDRC).

Mentzelia involucrata Wats. – White-bracted Mentzelia. Uncommon, dry gravelly slopes, northwest side of range, 1400-1700 m. B.A. Stein 7 (GMDRC).

Mentzelia obscura H.J. Thompson & Joyce Roberts – Obscure Mentzelia. Rarely collected, known from bajadas on east side of range, 1100-1200 m. J. Evens 105 (GMDRC).

Petalonyx thurberi A. Gray var. thurberi – Common Sandpaper Plant. Occasional, broad sandy washes near Kelso Dunes and east side of range 700-1400 m. J. Andre 2111 (GMDRC).

Malvaceae (Mallow Family)

Eremalche exilis (A. Gray) E. Greene – White Mallow. Uncommon, sandy washes and flats, 1000-1400, mainly south side of range. J. Andre 5821 (GMDRC).

Eremalche rotundifolia (A. Gray) E. Greene – Desert Five-spot. Infrequent, gravelly flats and washes, below 1200 m. B.A. Stein 4 (GMDRC).

Sphaeralcea ambigua A. Gray var. ambigua – Apricot Mallow. Frequent, sandy or gravelly slopes and alluvial fans throughout area, 700-1800 m. J. Andre 3856 (GMDRC).

Meliaceae (Mahogany Family)

+Melia azedarach L. – China Berry. Rare horticultural planting in Granite Cove (has not naturalized), 1300 m. (obs. J. Andre 1994).

Molluginaceae (Carpet-weed Family)

!Mollugo cerviana (L.) Ser. – Indian Chickweed. Occasional summer annual, sandy or gravelly bajadas, below 1500 m. B.A. Prigge 2329 (UCR).

Nyctaginaceae (Four O’Clock Family)

Abronia villosa S. Watson var. villosa – Sand Verbena. Uncommon, sandy bajadas with wind-blown sand deposits near Kelso Dunes below 900 m. J. Andre 4203 (GMCRC).

Allionia incarnata L. – Windmills. Occasional, sandy washes, gentle slopes, especially west side of range below 1500 m. B.A. Prigge 2579 (UCR).

Boerhavia triquetra S. Watson – Slender Boerhavia. Occasional, sandy bajadas in diverse mixed scrub, east side of range 1100-1400 m. J. Andre 4807 (UCR)

Boerhavia wrightii A. Gray – Wright’s Boerhavia. Uncommon, sandy areas along banks of washes, and near Kelso Dunes, 700-1300 m. J. Andre 6458 (GMDRC).

Mirabilis bigelovii A. Gray var. bigelovii – Desert Four-o’clock. Frequent, gravelly bajadas in mixed scrub, gentle slopes and ridgetops, 900-1800 m. F. Warrick 101 (GMDRC).

Mirabilis bigelovii A. Gray var. retrorsa (A.A. Heller) Munz – Reflexed-haired Four-o’clock. Uncommon, gravelly or rocky slopes, 1200-1600 m. B.A. Stein 12 (RSA).

Oleaceae (Olive Family)

Forestiera pubescens Nutt. – Desert Olive. Uncommon, moist sandy soils in canyon drainages, Cottowood and Bull Cyns, 1400-1700 m. F. Warrick 92 (GMDRC).

Menodora scoparia A. Gray – Broom-twinberry. Uncommon, dry rocky slopes and gravelly ridgetops, 1500-2000 m. (obs. J. Andre 2001, above Cove Spring).

Menodora spinescens A. Gray – Spiny Menodora. Common, gravelly alluvial fans in diverse mixed scrub associations, 1100-2100 m. J. Andre 4920 (UCR).

Onagraceae (Evening Primrose Family)

Camissonia boothii (Douglas) Raven var. condensata (Munz) Raven – Booth’s Evening Primrose. Sandy areas near Kelso Dunes, below 1200 m. J. Andre 3991 (GMDRC).

Camissonia boothii (Douglas) Raven ssp. intermedia (Munz) Raven – Intermediate Evening Primrose. Rare, Budweiser Wash, west side of range, 1600 m. K. Hart 52 (UCSC).

Camissonia brevipes (A. Gray) Raven var. brevipes – Desert Primrose. Occasional, gravelly slopes and alluvial fans, below 1500 m (more common below 1000 m). K. Hart 1 (RSA).

Camissonia californica (Torrey & A. Gray) Raven – California Primrose. Infrequent, rocky or gravelly slopes or metamorphic substrates, below 1300 m. J. Andre 3660 (GMDRC).

Camissonia chamaenerioides (A. Gray) Raven – Willow-herb Primrose. Infrequent, gravelly washes and bajadas, below 1500 m. J. Andre 3752 (GMDRC).

Camissonia claviformis (Torrey & Fremont) Raven ssp. aurantiaca (Munz) Raven – Strigose Clavate-fruited Primrose. Frequent, sandy areas, 700-1100 m. B.A. Prigge 2666 (UCR).

Camissonia claviformis (Torrey & Fremont) ssp. claviformis – Clavate-fruited Primrose. Rare, bajada below Willow Springs Basin, 1200-1300 m. W.L. Jepson 20420 (JEPS).

Camissonia pallida (Abrams) Raven ssp. pallida – Pallid Evening Primrose. Frequent, dry slopes, washes and flats, 1000-1800 m. J. Andre 3753 (GMDRC).

Camissonia refracta (S. Watson) Raven – Refracted Desert Primrose. Frequent, sandy washes and flats below 1300 m. J. Andre 3697 (GMDRC).

Camissonia walkeri (Nelson) Raven ssp. tortilis (Jepson) Raven – Walker’s Primrose. Rare, uncomfirmed report at Granite Pass – B.A. Stein s.n. 1978 (UCSC).

Epilobium canum (E. Greene) Raven ssp. latifolium (Hook.) Raven – California Fushia. Infrequent, moist sand in seeps, cyn bottoms, 1200-1900 m. J.P. Donahue 76214 (RSA).

Epilobium ciliatum Raf. ssp. ciliatum – Willow Herb. Rare, moist seeps, east side of range (Cottonwood Basin, Coyote Spring), 1200-1300 m. J. Andre 3888 (GMDRC).

Oenothera caespitosa Nutt. ssp. marginata (Hook. & Arn.) Munz – Caespitose Evening Primrose. Infrequent, sandy washes and roadsides, 900-1600 m. K. Hart 12 (RSA).

Oenothera californica (S. Watson) S. Watson ssp. avita Klein – Pinnate California Evening Primrose. are, along road in Cottonwood Basin, 1400 m. B.A. Stein 108 (GMDRC).

Oenothera deltoides Torrey & Fremont ssp. deltoides – Devil’s Lantern. Occasional, sandy benches near Kelso Dunes, 700-800 m. J. Andre 4206 (GMDRC).

Oenothera longissima Rydb. – Long Evening Primrose. Rare, seasonally moist areas in canyon bottoms and near seeps, upper Granite Cove 1400 m. Norris s.n. (GMDRC).

Oenothera primiveris A. Gray ssp. bufonis (M.E. Jones) Munz – Yellow Desert Evening Primrose. Rare, gravelly bajada near Coyote Spring, 1100 m. J. Andre 5881 (GMDRC).

Orobanchaceae (Broom-Rape Family)

Orobanche cooperi (A. Gray) A.A. Heller – Cooper’s Broomrape. Uncommon, sandy washes and flats below 1000 m. B.A. Prigge 2595 (UCR).

Orobanche parishii (Jepson) Heckard ssp. parishii – Parish’s Broomrape. Rare, gravelly bajadas in diverse scrub, 1300 m. (near the “Bunny Club”). B. Pitzer 3968 (UCR).

Papaveraceae (Poppy Family)

Eschscholzia glyptosperma E. Greene – Mojave Poppy. Uncommon, washes, dry slopes and pavements, mainly west side of range below 1000 m. J. Evens 11 (GMDRC).

Eschscholzia minutiflora S. Watson – Pygmy Poppy. Frequent, washes, flats and sandy bajadas, 700-1700 m. J. Andre 3704 (GMDRC).

Plantaginaceae (Plantain Family)

Plantago ovata Forsskal – Island Plantain. Common, gravelly slopes and bajadas, often a dominant ground cover, 800-1500 m J. Andre 2134

Plantago patagonica Jacq. – Pursh’s Plantain. Rare, coarse rocky bajada near Cove Spring, also on sandy soils near Kelso Dunes, 800-1300 m. K. Hart 17 (GMDRC).

Polemoniaceae (Phlox Family)

Aliciella hutchinsifolia (Rydb.) J.M. Porter – Southern Great Basin Gilia. Uncommon, sandy or gravelly slopes and washes, below 1400 m. Norris s.n. (GMDRC).

Aliciella latifolia (S. Watson) J.M. Porter ssp. latifolia – Broad-leaved Gilia Uncommon, sandy or gravelly flats or pavements, west side below 1200 m. B.A. Prigge 2739 (UCR).

Aliciella leptomeria (A. Gray) J.M. Porter – Great Basin Gilia. Uncommon, sandy washes and flats, near Kelso Dunes below 900 m. J. Andre 5097 (UCR).

Eriastrum diffusum (A. Gray) H. Mason – Diffuse Eriastrum. Infrequent, sandy flats and alluvial fans, aeolian deposits near Kelso Dunes, 700-1100 m. R.F Thorne 51246 (RSA).

Eriastrum eremicum (Jepson) H. Mason ssp. eremicum – Desert Eriastrum. Frequent, sandy and gravelly bajadas and washes, 900-1800 m. J. Andre 3689 (GMDRC).

Eriastrum sparsiflorum (Eastw.) H. Mason – Few-flowered Eriastrum. Infrequent, dry slopes and ridgetops above 1700 m. J. Andre 5771 (GMDRC).

Gilia aliquanta A.D. Grant & V. Grant ssp. aliquanta – Puckered Gilia. Uncommon, gravelly slopes and bajadas, mainly east side of range 1000-1300 m. J. Andre 4929 (GMDRC).

Gilia aliquanta A.D. Grant & V. Grant ssp. breviloba A.D. Grant & V. Grant – Puff-calyx Gilia. Occasional, gravelly slopes and bajadas, 900-1400 m. J. Andre 4911 (UCR).

Gilia cana (M.E. Jones) A.A. Heller ssp. triceps (Brand) A.D. Grant & V. Grant – Hoary Gilia. Uncommon, sandy flats on north side, below 1300 m. J. Andre 3808 (GMDRC).

Gilia latiflora (A. Gray) A. Gray ssp. latiflora – Broad-flowered Gilia. Infrequent, sandy areas, especially near Kelso Dunes, below 1000 m. J. Andre 5093 (UCR).

Gilia malior A.G. Day & V. Grant – Decumbent Gilia. Uncommon, sandy or gravelly bajadas on northeast side of range below 1300 m. J. Andre 4927 (GMDRC).  

Gilia ochroleuca M.E. Jones ssp. ochroleuca – Desert Gilia. Occasional, sandy soils on slopes and bajadas 700-1500 m. G.L. Clifton 21852 (GMDRC).

Gilia ophthalmoides Brand – Desert Mountain Gilia. Occasional, rocky slopes in pinyon-juniper woodland, 1300-2100 m. C.W. Tilford 983 (RSA).

Gilia scopulorum M.E. Jones – Rock Gilia. Occasional, washes, and in sandy areas on shaded slopes in rocky canyons, 1000-1400 m. G.L. Clifton 24408 (GMDRC).

Gilia sinuata Benth. – Sinuate Gilia. Frequent, open sandy flats and bajadas, especially on north and east sides of range, 700-1400 m. J. Andre 4926 (UCR).

Gilia splendens H. Mason & A.D. Grant ssp. splendens – Splendid Gilia. Rare, on east-facing slope in pinyon woodland, Cottonwood Basin 1500 m. B.A. Stein 42 (UCSC).

Gilia stellata A.A. Heller – Star Gilia. Frequent, sandy bajadas and washes, especially near Kelso Dunes, 700-1300 m. J. Andre 4913 (UCR).

Gilia transmontana H. Mason & A.D. Grant – Northern Desert Gilia. Occasional, gravelly or sandy bajadas, open ridgetops, mostly east side, 800-1800 m. J. Andre 4928 (GMDRC).

Langloisia setosissima (Torrey & A. Gray) E. Greene ssp. punctata (Cov.) S. Timbrook – Spotted Langloisia. Uncommon, flats near Kelso Dunes, 800 m. F. Warrick 8 (RSA).

Leptosiphon aureus (Nutt.) J.M. Porter & L.A. Johnson ssp. aureus – Desert Gold. Rare, unconfirmed reports from northwest side of range on dry flats below 900 m.

Leptosiphon aureus (Nutt.) J.M. Porter & L.A. Johnson ssp. decorus (A. Gray) J.M. Porter & L.A. Johnson – Cream Gilia. Frequent, gravelly bajadas below 2000 m. H.J. Thompson 3620 (RSA).

Linanthus bigelovii (A. Gray) E. Greene – Bigelow’s Linanthus. Occasional, dry rocky slopes in canyons, mostly southeast side of range, 1400-1900 m. W.L. Jepson 20415 (JEPS).

Linanthus demissus (A. Gray) E. Greene – Desert Linanthus. Occasional, gravelly flats and ridgetops, sandy washes, 800-1900 m. W.L. Jepson 20503 (JEPS).

Linanthus filiformis (A. Gray) J.M. Porter & L.A. Johnson – Thread-stemmed Gilia. Infrequent, rocky slopes or washes, northwest side, 900-1500 m. B. Prigge 2830 (UCR).

Linanthus jonesii (A. Gray) E. Greene – Jones’ Linanthus. Uncommon, sandy flats and washes, west side of range at elevations below 900 m. B.A. Prigge 2584 (UCR).

Linanthus pungens (Torrey) J.M. Porter & L.A. Johnson. – Granite Gilia. Occasional, rocky or bouldery slopes in pinyon-juniper woodland, 1500-2100 m. K. Hart 72 (GMDRC).

Loeseliastrum matthewsii (A. Gray) S. Timbrook – Desert Calico. Occasional, sandy or gravelly alluvial slopes and flats, below 1500 m. B.A. Prigge 2801 (UCR).

Loeseliastrum schottii (Torrey) S. Timbrook – Schott’s Desert Calico. Occasional, washes, bajadas and slopes in sandy to gravelly soils, 900-1800 m. J. Andre 4210 (GMDRC).

Phlox stansburyi (Torrey) A.A. Heller – Stansbury’s Phlox. Infrequent, shaded rocky or gravelly slopes and ridgetops, mostly Bull Cyn, 1600-2100 m. B.A. Stein 74 (GMDRC).

Saltugilia australis (H. Mason & A.D. Grant) L.A. Johnson – Southern Gilia. Uncommon, sandy washes and flats, only from south side at 1100-1200 m. C.B. Wolf 10057 (UC).

Polygonaceae (Buckwheat Family)

Centrostegia thurberi A. Gray – Thurber’s Spine-flower. Infrequent, gravelly flats and gentle bajadas, mostly on south side of range, 900-1300 m. B.A. Prigge 2785 (UCR).

Chorizanthe brevicornu Torrey var. brevicornu – Brittle Chorizanthe. Occasional, gravelly bajadas and rocky slopes, 800-1500 m. R.F. Thorne 51116 (RSA).

Chorizanthe rigida (Torrey) Torrey & A. Gray – Rigid Chorizanthe. Occasional, pavements and open gravelly flats, mostly lower slopes below 1000 m. J. Andre 3891 (GMDRC).

Chorizanthe watsonii Torrey & A. Gray – Watson’s Chorizanthe. Uncommon, sandy or gravelly bajadas in mixed scrub, 1000-1400 m. G.L. Clifton 24321 (GMDRC).

Eriogonum brachyanthum Cov. – Small Buckwheat. Rare, sandy soil of alluvial fan, only Willow Springs Basin, 1100 m. H.J. Thompson 3635 (UCLA).

Eriogonum brachypodum Torrey & A. Gray – Short-flowered Buckwheat. Rare, on sandy flats near Kelso Dunes below Bull Cyn, 800 m. B.A. Stein s.n. (UCSC).

Eriogonum davidsonii E Greene – Davidson’s BuckwheatUncommon, bouldery slopes and ridges, east side of range (Cottonwood Basin) at 1400-1900 m. B.A. Stein 45 (GMDRC).

Eriogonum deflexum Torrey var. deflexum – Flat-topped Buckwheat. Frequent, along roadsides, washes, and gravelly bajadas, 900-1500 m. J. Andre 4011 (GMDRC).

Eriogonum fasciculatum (Benth.) Torrey & A. Gray ssp. polifolium (Benth.) Torrey & A. Gray – Interior Calif. Buckwheat. Common, gravelly bajadas and ridges, 900-2100 m. K. Hart 50 (GMDRC).

Eriogonum heermannii Durand & Hilg. var. argense (M.E. Jones) Munz – Heerman’s Buckwheat. Uncommon, rocky slopes, east side, above 1700 m. (obs, J.Andre 1997).

*Eriogonum heermannii Durand & Hilg. var. floccosum Munz – Clark Mtn. Buckwheat. Infrequent, bouldery slopes on east side of range, 1600-2100 m. J.Andre 3942 (RSA).

Eriogonum inflatum Torrey & Fremont var. inflatum – Desert Trumpet. Frequent, gravelly pediments and flats, and disturbed roadsides, 800-1400 m. L. Gross 1734 (RSA).

Eriogonum maculatum A.A. Heller – Angle-stemmed Buckwheat. Infrequent, gravelly slopes and ridges, pinyon-juniper woodland, 1300-1900 m. J. Andre 4095 (GMDRC).

Eriogonum nidularium Cov. – Idria Eriogonum. Frequent, open sandy areas in washes, flats, and gentle alluvial fans, 700-1800 m. J. Andre 3754 (GMDRC).

Eriogonum palmerianum Reveal. – Palmer’s Buckwheat. Occasional, sandy or gravelly bajadas and ridges 900-2100 m. (obs J. Andre 2001).

Eriogonum panamintense C. Morton – Panamint Buckwheat. Rare, gravelly slopes and talus, Cottonwood Basin, 1400-1700 m. B.A. Stein 120 (GMDRC).

Eriogonum plumatella Durand & Hilg. – Plumatella. Occasional, washes and sandy flats, also along roadsides, 1100-1400 m. J. Andre 4806 (UCR).

Eriogonum pusillum Torrey & A. Gray – Puny Buckwheat. Frequent, washes and sandy flats, 1000-1700 m J. Andre 4982 (GMDRC).

Eriogonum reniforme Torrey & Fremont – Kidney-leaved Buckwheat. Uncommon, sandy washes (Willow Springs Wash), 900-1300 m. B.A. Stein 49 (GMDRC).

Eriogonum thomasii Torrey – Thomas’ Eriogonum. Uncommon, gravelly or rocky slopes and pediment plains, 800-1300 m. B.A. Prigge 2556 (UCR).

Eriogonum trichopes Torrey– Yellow Trumpet. Infrequent, sandy or gravelly alluvial plains, usually high in clay, mostly north side of range, below 1300 m. B.A. Prigge 2800 (UCR).

Eriogonum umbellatum Torrey var. subaridum S. Stokes – Sulphur-flowered Buckwheat. Occasional, among boulders in woodland, 1300-2100 m. J. Andre 3938 (GMDRC).

Eriogonum wrightii Benth. var. wrightii – Wright’s Buckwheat. Common, dry gravelly slopes, among boulders, or understory of woodland, 1000-2100 m. J. Andre 3824 (GMDRC).

*Nemacaulis denudata Nutt. var. gracilis Goodman & L. Benson – Wooly-heads. Rare, aeolian sand deposits near Kelso Dunes, 800 m. J. Andre 4195 (GMDRC).

Oxytheca perfoliata Torrey & A. Gray – Perfoliate Oxytheca. Occasional, sandy or loose gravelly soils in mixed scrub associations below 1500 m. J. Andre 5632 (GMDRC).

Pterostegia drymarioides Fischer & C. Meyer – Pterostegia. Occasional, moist rocky slopes in sandy soils, below 1500 m. J. Andre 3672 (GMDRC).

Rumex hymenosepalus Torrey – Canaigre. Infrequent, sandy soils in large washes or flats, especially near Kelso Dunes, 700-1300 m. J. Andre 3889 (GMDRC).

Portulacaceae (Purslane Family)

Calyptridium monandrum Nutt. – Common Calyptridium. Infrequent, sandy flats and washes, open sites among mixed scrub, 1000-1600 m. B.A. Prigge 2805 (UCR).

Claytonia parviflora Hook. ssp. parviflora – Miner’s Lettuce. Occasional, vernally moist soils in shade of boulders or woodlands, 1200-2100 m. J. Andre 3974 (GMDRC).

Claytonia parviflora Hook. ssp. viridis (Davidson) John M. Miller – Linear-leaved Miner’s Lettuce. Uncommon, in understory of woodland, 1400-1800 m. G.L. Clifton 24370 (GMDRC).

*Portulaca halimoides L. – Desert PurslaneOccasional to common following summer rain, sandy bajadas and washes, especially east side,1000-1600 m. Steve Boyd 5174 (RSA).

Portulaca sp. (retusa?) unidentified purslane resembles P. oleracea but with diminutive flowers and ubiquitous distribution on bajadas in undisturbed native shrub associations, 1100-1400 m. J. Andre 5914 (GMDRC).

Ranunculaceae (Buttercup Family)

Anemone tuberosa Rydb. – Desert Anemone. Infrequent, rocky slopes and ledges, north side of range 1200-1800 m. F. Warrick 30 (GMDRC).

Aquilegia Formosa Fischer – Crimson Columbine. Rare, base of Bull Canyon growing in mossy banks of “Columbine Spring”, 1700 m. Norris s.n. (GMDRC).

Delphinium parishii A. Gray ssp. parishii – Parish’s Larkspur. Occasional, gravelly bajadas in diverse mixed scrub associations, 1000-1500 m. J. Andre 6220 (GMDRC).

Myosurus cupulatus S. Watson – Arizona Mouse-tail. Uncommon, moist seeps and shady slopes, pinyon-juniper woodland 1100-1800 m. G.L. Clifton 24458 (GMDRC).

Resedaceae (Mignonette Family)

Oligomeris linifolia (M. Vahl) J.F. Macbr. – Oligomeris. Uncommon, gravelly benches and sandy flats near Kelso Dunes below 900 m. B.A. Prigge 2608 (UCR).

Rhamnaceae (Buckthorn Family) 

Rhamnus ilicifolia Kellogg – Holly-leaved Red-berry. Infrequent, bouldery slopes in pinyon-juniper woodland, 1200-2100 m. J. Andre 3734 (GMDRC).

Rosaceae (Rose Family) 

Amelanchier utahensis Koehne – Utah Service Berry. Uncommon, moist n-facing bouldery slopes, Cottonwood Basin and Snake Spring, 1300-1600 m J. Evens 43 (GMDRC).

Coleogyne ramosissima Torrey – Blackbush. Common, dominating upper bajadas and plateaus, 1000-2000 m. J.Andre 3865 (GMDRC).

Fallugia paradoxa (D. Don) Endl. – Apache Plume. Infrequent, banks of canyon drainages and among boulders, 1200-2100 m. K Hart 33 (GMDRC).

Holodiscus microphyllus Rydb. var. microphyllus – Rock Spiraea. Infrequent, bouldery slopes in pinyon-juniper woodland, 1800-2100 m. J. Andre 3943 (GMDRC).

Ivesia saxosa (E. Greene) B. Ertter – Rrock Cinquefoil. Uncommon, crevices in cliff faces and boulders, 900-2100 m. J. Andre 3735 (GMDRC).

Prunus fasciculata (Torrey) A. Gray var. fasciculata – Desert Almond. Locally common, washes, occasionally on slopes, 1000-2000 m. J. Andre 2121 (GMDRC).

Purshia tridentata (Pursh.) DC. var. glandulosa (Curran) M.E. Jones – Mojave Antelope Bush. Frequent, ridges and slopes in woodland, 1300-2100 m. J. Andre 2102 (GMDRC).

Rubiaceae (Madder Family)

!Galium aparine L. – Goose Grass. Rare, in shady areas around springs on east side of range 1200-1500 m. J. Evens 98 (GMDRC).

*Galium munzii Hilend & J. Howell – Munz’s Bedstraw. Rare, cool north-facing canyon slopes, Cottonwood Basin, 1300-1600 m. B.A. Stein 36 (RSA)

Galium parishii Hilend & J. Howell – Parish’s Bedstraw. Infrequent, steep rocky slopes and shady canyon bottoms, 1600-2100 m. Bradbury 286 (UC).

Galium stellatum Kellogg var. eremicum Hilend & J. Howell – Desert Bedstraw. Common, rocky slopes and shady canyon bottoms, 1000-2000 m. J. Andre 3698 (GMDRC)

Rutaceae (Rue Family) 

Thamnosma montana Torrey & Fremont – Turpentine Bush. Common, gravelly bajadas in diverse shrub associations 800-1400 m R.F. Thorne 45381 (UCR).

Salicaceae (Willow Family)

Populus fremontii S. Watson ssp. fremontii – Fremont CottonwoodUncommon, from 4 localities: Cove and Cottonwood Sprs, Bull and Willow Spr Cyns, 1300-1800 m. R.F. Thorne 45471 (UC).

Salix exigua Nutt. – Narrow-leaved Willow. Infrequent, clonal occurrences in deep canyon drainages and springs, 1100-1900 m. J. Andre 2130 (GMDRC).

Salix gooddingii C. Ball – Gooding’s Black Willow. Rare, springs and seeps in canyons and on rocky slopes, 1200-1500 m. R.F. Thorne 45421 (UC).

Salix laevigata Bebb – Red Willow. Rare, moist north-facing slopes, Snake Spring (may be S. gooddingii mis-identified). W.L. Jepson 20532 (JEPS)

Salix lasiolepis Benth. – Arroyo Willow. Uncommon, rocky slopes associated with sidehill seeps, upper Granite Cove, 1600 m. J. Evens 102 (GMDRC).

Saururaceae (Lizard’s-tail Family)   

Anemopsis californica (Nutt.) Hook & Arn. – Yerba Mansa. Rare, reported from lower Bull Cyn (material verified by J. Andre 1999).

Scrophulariaceae (Figwort Family) 

Antirrhinum filipes A. Gray -Yellow Twining Snapdragon. Occasional, on shrubs and debris, mostly in washes below 1400 m. J. Andre 3955 (GMDRC).

Castilleja angustifolia (Nutt.) G. Don – Desert Indian Paintbrush. Occasional, upper bajadas in mixed scrub, or wooded slopes, 1200-2000 m. G.L. Clifton 24411 (GMDRC).

Castilleja linariifolia Benth. – Linear-leaved Paintbrush. Infrequent, gravelly bajadas, washes and rocky slopes, 1000-2100 m. B. Pitzer 4020 (UCR).

Keckiella antirrhinoides (Benth.) Straw var. microphylla (A. Gray) N. Holmgren – Desert Chaparral Beard-tongue. Infrequent, bouldery slopes, pinyon-juniper woodland 1200-1900 m. R.F. Thorne 45443 (UC).

Mimulus bigelovii (A. Gray) A. Gray var. bigelovii – Bigelow’s Monkeyflower. Occasional, sandy washes and moist canyon drainages, 800-1700 m J. Evens 27 (GMDRC).

Mimulus guttatus DC. – Common Large Monkeyflower. Infrequent, moist banks of canyon drainages, seeps and springs, 1000-1800 m. B. Pitzer 3899 (UCR).

Mimulus parishii E. Greene – Parrish’s Monkeyflower. Rare, known only from wet sandy banks of Bull Cr, upper Bull Cyn, 1800 m. F. Warrick 80 (GMDRC).

Mimulus pilosus (Benth.) S. Watson – Downy Monkeyflower. Uncommon, streambeds or moist disturbed areas, mainly east side, 1300-1600 m. J. Andre 5182 (GMDRC).

Mimulus rubellus A. Gray – Ciliolate-toothed Monkeyflower. Uncommon, sandy slopes and banks of washes, 800-1900 m. F. Warrick 27 (GMDRC).

Penstemon eatonii A. Gray var. undosus M.E. Jones – Eaton’s Firecracker. Frequent, along rocky washes and slopes, 1300-2100 m. J. Andre 3870 (GMDRC).

Penstemon palmeri A. Gray var. palmeri – Palmer’s Penstemon. Infrequent, gravelly areas along Kelbaker Rd, Granite Pass to Kelso Dunes, 800-1300 m. J. Andre 3692 (GMDRC).

Penstemon pseudospectabilis M.E. Jones – Desert Penstemon. Occasional, among boulders, mostly east side, 1300-1800 m J. Andre 5087 (UCR). (intergrades with P. stephensii).

Penstemon rostriflorus Kellogg -Bridge’s Penstemon. Rare, known only from rocky n-facing slope near summit of Silver Peak at 2000 m. J. Andre 3821 (GMDRC).

*Penstemon stephensii Brandegee – Stephens’ Beardtongue. Rare, among boulders east side of range, 1300-2000 m. J. Evens 77 (GMDRC). (intergrades with P. pseudospectabilisi).

Solanaceae (Nightshade Family)

Datura wrightii Regel – Jimson Weed. Occasional, in sandy washes and along roadsides, 800-1300 m. J. Andre 5708 (GMDRC).

Lycium andersonii A. Gray – Anderson’s Desert-thorn. Frequent, sandy bajadas and moderate slopes, 1000-1900 m. J. Andre 3869 (GMDRC).

Lycium cooperi A. Gray – Cooper’s Desert-thorn. Frequent, gravelly bajadas in diverse mixed shrub associations, and slopes below 1600 m. K. Hart 13 (GMDRC).

Nicotiana obtusifolia Martens & Galeotti – Desert Tobacco. Occasional, in crevices and cavities in rocks, wash margins, below 1500 m. J. Andre 2124 (GMDRC).

Physalis crassifolia Benth. – Thick-leaved Ground Cherry. Frequent, sandy and rocky places, mostly on west and south side of range, below 1400m. G.L. Clifton 25200 (GMDRC).

Physalis hederifolia A. Gray var. fendleri (A. Gray) Cronq. – Ivy-leaved Ground Cherry. Infrequent, margins of washes or among rocks, 900-1900 m. J. Andre 4573 (GMDRC).

Tamaricaceae (Tamarisk Family)

!Tamarix ramosissima Ledeb. – Tamarisk. Uncommon, canyon bottoms, springs and seeps, 1000-1600 m. Eradication and control program is ongoing. B.A. Stein 76 (GMDRC).

Ulmaceae (Elm Family)

+Ulmus pumila L. – Siberian Elm. Uncommon, planted at historic homesteads but has not escaped here (has elsewhere in Mojave Desert). (obs. J. Andre 1994).

Urticaceae (Nettle Family)

Urtica dioica L. ssp. holosericea (Nutt.) Thorne – Hoary Nettle. Rare, one location on east side of range inmoist seep under a granitic overhang, 1350 m. J. Evens 41 (GMDRC).

Viscaceae (Mistletoe Family)

Arceuthobium divaricatum Engelm. – Pinyon Dwarf Mistletoe. Occasional, woodlands on P. monophylla, 1400-2100 m. Infrequently collected (obs. J. Andre 1998).

Phoradendron californicum Nutt. – Desert Mistletoe. Frequent on Acacia and Prosopis, 800-1500m.Norris s.n. (GMDRC).

Phoradendron juniperinum A. Gray – Juniper Mistletoe. Scattered throughout range, but infrequent on Juniperus, 1200-2100J. Andre 3712 (GMDRC).

Zygophyllaceae (Caltrop Family)

Kallstroemia californica (S. Watson) Vail – California Kallstroemia. Rare, sandy areas in washes and on flats, only from southeast side. (unprocessed voucher, J. Andre 2005).

Larrea tridentata (DC.) Cov. – Creosote Bush. Common dominant, sandy or gravelly bajadas or south-facing slopes, 700-1500 m. B. Pitzer 3965 (UCR).

!Tribulus terrestris L. – Puncture Vine. Rare pernicious weed, along roadways and other disturbed areas, 900-1300 m. J. Andre 5944 (GMDRC).


Cyperaceae (Sedge Family)

Carex alma L. Bailey – Sturdy Sedge. Infrequent, seeps and springs in approximately 40 localities throughout range, 1100-1900 m. J. Andre 3445 (GMDCR).

Eleocharis parishii Britton – Parish’s Spike-rush. Infrequent, seeps and springs and abandoned livestock improvements, 1000-1800 m. J. Andre 3746 (GMDRC).

Scirpus pungens Vahl. – Common Threesquare. Uncommon, seeps and canyon watercourses, Bull and Budweiser Cyns, Coyote Springs, 1200-1700 m. J. Andre 4099 (GMDRC).

Iridaceae (Iris Family)

Sisyrinchium halophilum E. Greene – Nevada Blue-eyed Grass. Incommon, seeps and springs in approximately 10 localities throughout range, 1100-1800 m. J. Evens 60 (GMDRC).

Juncaceae (Rush Family)

Juncus bufonius L. var. bufonius – Common Toad Rush. . Uncommon, seeps, springs and watercourses, 1200-1700 m B.A. Prigge 2863 (UCR).

Juncus bufonius L. var. occidentalis F.J. Herm. – Western Toad Rush. Rare, canyon seep at base of Budweiser Cyn, 1300 m. J. Andre 4086 (GMDRC).

Juncus macrophyllus Cov. – Large-leaved Rush. . Rare, canyon seep at base of Carr and Budweiser Cyns, 1200 -1400 m. J. Andre 4156 (GMDRC).

Juncus mexicanus Willd. – Mexican Rush. Infrequent, seeps and springs and moist canyon bottoms, 1100-1800 m. J. Andre 4087 (GMDRC).

*Juncus nodosus L. – Knotted Rush. Rare, known only from Coyote Spring on east side of range, 1200 m. J. Andre 4046 (GMDRC).

Juncus xiphioides E. Meyer – Iiris-leaved Rush. . Infrequent, seeps and springs in approximately 30 localities throughout range, 1100-1900 m. J. Andre 4584 (GMDRC).

Liliaceae (Lily Family)

Agave deserti Engelm. – Desert Agave. Infrequent, rocky slopes, scattered throughout east side of range, 1200-1700 m. C.B. Wolf 10183 (RSA).

*Allium atrorubens S. Watson var. cristatum (S. Watson) D. McNeal – Dark Red Onion. Rare, only on ridgetops – west side of range, 1800-2000 m. J. Andre 4096 (GMDRC).

Calochortus kennedyi Porter var. kennedyi – Kennedy’s MariposaOccasional, dry slopes and gravelly bajadas on far east side of range, 1100-1400 m. J. Andre 3693 (GMDRC).

Calochortus kennedyi Porter var. munzii Jepson – Munz’s Red Mariposa. Rare, open flat in Bull Canyon, 1450 m. B.A. Stein s.n. (UCSC).

Dichelostemma capitatum (Benth.) A.W. Wood ssp. pauciflorum (Torrey) Keator – Desert Blue-dicks. Occasional, gravelly bajadas, east side, 1100-1600 m. K. Hart 32 (GMDRC).

Hesperocallis undulata A. Gray – Desert Lily. Uncommon, aeolian sand deposits near Kelso Dunes, 800-900 m. J. Andre 4213 (GMDRC).

Muilla transmontana E. Greene – Great Basin Muilla. Rare, sandt flats, aeolian sand deposits near Kelso Dunes, 800 m. J. Andre 3628 (GMDRC). Note: this is a unique form that warrants further taxonomic evaluation.

Yucca baccata Torrey – Spanish Bayonet. Frequent, dry rocky slopes and plateaus, mostly in pinyon-juniper woodland, 1300-2100 m. J. Andre 3621 (GMDRC).

+Yucca brevifolia Engelm. – Joshua Tree. Planted as ornamental in Granite Cove (1400 m), no natural populations exist in range. (obs. J. Andre 1994).

Yucca schidigera K.E. Ortgies – Mojave Yucca. Common, gravelly bajadas in diverse mixed scrub, 1000-1800 m. J. Andre 5839 (GMDRC).

Zigadenus brevibracteatus (M.E. Jones) H.M. Hall – Desert Death Camas. Occasional, sandy bajadas, especially on east side of range, 1000-1400 m. J. Andre 5061(UCR).

Poaceae (Grass Family)

Achnatherum hymenoides (Roemer & Schultes) Barkworth – Indian Ricegrass. Infrequent, mainly on aeolian deposits near Kelso Dunes, 800-1000 m. J. Andre 4198 (GMDRC).

Achnatherum parishii (Vasey) Barkworth – Parish’s Needlegrass. Uncommon, gravelly or rocky slopes 1300-2100 m. J. Andre 5986 (GMDRC).

Achnatherum speciosum (Trin. & Rupr.) Barkworth – Desert Needlegrass. Common, rocky slopes, plateaus and gravelly pediments, 1000-2100 m. C.B. Wolf 10118 (UC).

!Agrostis semiverticillata (Forsskal) C. Chr. – European Needlegrass. Uncommon, disturbed or moist areas (Coyote Spring), 1200-1500 m. J. Andre 3899 (GMDRC).

Aristida adscensionis L. – Six-weeks Three-awn. Frequent, dry open bajadas and slopes among boulders, 900-1400 m. J. Andre 3987 (GMDRC).

Aristida purpurea Nutt. var. fendleriana (Steudel) Vasey – Fendler Three-awn. Frequent, rocky slopes, crevices, gravelly ridgetops, 1100-2100 m. J. Evens 90 (GMDRC).

Aristida purpurea Nutt. var. nealleyi (Vasey) K.W. Allred – Neally Three-awn. Infrequent, dry slopes south-facing slopes, 1000-1600 m. B.A. Prigge 2349 (RSA).

Aristida purpurea Nutt. var. parishii (A. Hitchc.) K.W. Allred – Parish Three-awn. Infrequent, gravelly or rocky slopes, mostly south end, 1000-1500 m. R.F. Thorne 50670 (RSA).

Aristida ternipes Cav. var hamulosa (Henrard) J.S. Trent – Hook Three-awn. Rare, dry hills near Budweiser Wash at 1300 m. B.A. Prigge 2321 (RSA).

Bothriochloa barbinodis (Lagasca) Herter – Cane Bluestem. Uncommon, crevices in rocks, rocky shaded canyon bottoms, 1200-1400 m. J. Andre 3756 (GMDRC).

Bouteloua aristidoides (Kunth.) Griseb. var. aristidoides – Needle Grama. Frequent, bajadas, flats and gravelly slopes, 800-1700 m. R.F. Thorne 50627 (RSA).

Bouteloua barbata Lagasca var. barbata – Six-weeks Grama. Common after summer rains, washes, sandy bajadas, lower slopes below 1600 m. B. Pitzer 4006 (UCR).

!Bromus diandrus Roth – Ripgut Grass. Uncommon, disturbed areas around historic settlements and livestock structures, mainly west side of range 1100-1400 m. B. Pitzer 3917 (UCR).

!Bromus hordeaceus L. – Soft Chess. Uncommon, three isolated occurrences in disturbed sites on east side of range, 1200-1400 m. J. Andre 3623 (GMDRC).

!Bromus madritensis L. ssp. rubens (L.) Husnot – Foxtail Chess. Common, ubiquitous weed, widespread in all habitats 700-2100 m. B.A. Stein 85 (GMDRC).

!Bromus tectorum L. – Cheat Grass. Common, ubiquitous weed, widespread in all habitats 700-2100 m.J. Andre 5919 (GMDRC)

Bromus trinii Desv. – Chilean Chess. Uncommon, sandy bajadas or washes, growing in shade of large shrubs, 1200-1700 m. J Andre 4908 (UCR). (mistakenly reported as non-native in Jepson Desert Manual).

!Cynodon dactylon (L.) Pers. – Crab Grass Uncommon, moist seeps or subalkaline soils of disturbed areas (Willow Spr. Basin), 1200-1400 m. J. Andre 3744 (GMDRC).

Elymus elymoides (Raf.) Swezey ssp. brevifolius ( J.G. Smith) Barkworth – Squirreltail. Uncommon, dry open slopes and ridgetops, 1800-2000 m. F. Warrick 75 (GMDRC).

Elymus multisetus (J.G. Smith) Burtt Davy – Big Squirreltail. Uncommon, ridgetops and rocky crags, 1800-2150 m. F. Warrick 74 (GMDRC).

Elymus trachycaulus (Link) Shinn. ssp. trachycaulus – Slender Wheatgrass. Uncommon, rocky slopes and canyon walls, Bull Cyn only, 1400-1900 m. R.F. Thorne 51609 (RSA).

!Elytrigia intermedia (Host) Nevski ssp. intermedia – Intermediate Wheatgrass. Rare, unconfirmed report by G.L Clifton, 2001.

!Eragrostis cilianensis (All.) Janchen – Stinkgrass. Infrequent, disturbed soils or in post fire recovery on hillsides, 1200-1800 m. B. Pitzer 4016 (UCR).

Erioneuron pulchellum (Kunth.) Tateoka – Fluff Grass. Frequent, sandy or gravelly bajadas and pediments, 800-1800 m. Dorothy Fugle 1045 (UCSB).

!Hordeum murinum L. ssp. murinum – Wall Barley. Uncommon, disturbed areas along roadsides and buildings in Granite Cove, 1300 m. J. Andre 4051 (GMDRC).

Melica frutescens Scribner – Tall Melica. Uncommon, bouldery slopes, pinyon-juniper woodland, 1300-1700 m. Al Flink s.n. (UCSB).

Melica imperfecta Trin. – Small-flowered Melica. Infrequent, rocky slopes and bouldery areas in pinyon-juniper woodland, 1300-1600 m. G.L. Clfton 24771 (GMDRC).

Muhlenbergia asperifolia (Nees & Meyen) L. Parodi – Scratchgrass. Rare, in Bull Cyn on moist sandy margins of creekbed, 1100 m. J. Andre 3628 (GMDRC).

Muhlenbergia microsperma (DC.) Trin. – Littleseed Muhly. Uncommon, dry slopes and open sites on pediments, Willow Springs Basin, 1100-1200 m. J. Andre 3954 (GMDRC).

Muhlenbergia porteri Beal. – Porter’s Muhly. Frequent, crevices on cliffs and on steep rocky slopes, 900-1800 m. Steve Boyd 5143 (RSA).

Muhlenbergia rigens (Benth.) A. Hitchc. – Deergrass. Locally common, moist sandy margins of streams, canyon bottoms, 1300-2100 m. B.A. Prigge 2323 (UCR).

Phragmites australis (Cav.) Steudel – Comon Reed. Uncommon, perennial moist sand in canyon bottoms and near seeps, J. Andre 3742 (GMDRC).

Pleuraphis rigida Thurber – Big Galleta. Uncommon, sandy bajadas and aeolian deposits near Kelso Dunes, 700-1300 m. G.L. Clifton 31216 (GMDRC).

!Poa annua L. – Annual Bluegrass. Rare waif, in moist shady drainage above Coyote Spring, and near developments in Granite Cove, 1200-1400 m. J. Andre 5994 (GMDRC).

Poa bigelovii Vasey & Scribner – Bigelow’s Bluegrass. Uncommon, slopes among boulders and understory of pinyon woodland, 1300-1600 m. G.L. Clifton 11821 (GMDRC).

Poa fendleriana (Steudel) Vasey ssp. longiligula (Scribner & Williams) R. Soreng – Longtongue Mutton Grass. Uncommon, rocky north-facing slopes,1500-2100 m. G.L. Clifton 24374 (GMDRC).

Poa secunda J.S. Presl ssp. secunda – One-sided Bluegrass. Frequent, rocky or gravelly slopes and ridgetops, 1000-2100 m. J. Andre 3939 (GMDRC).

!Polypogon monspeliensis (L.) Desf. – Annual beard Grass. Uncommon, moist sandy soils near seeps and springs, 1100-1900 m. F. Warrick 109 (GMDRC).

!Schismus barbatus (L.) Thell. – Mediterranean Grass. Common, sandy bajadas and flats, disturbed areas, 700-1400 m. J. Andre 2099 (GMDRC).

Sporobolus cryptandrus (Torrey) A. Gray – Sand Dropseed. Uncommon, rocky to sandy washes, slopes in pinyon-juniper woodland, 1300-2100 m. J. Andre 5933 (GMDRC).

Tridens muticus (Torrey) Nash – Slim Tridens. Uncommon, dry rocky slopes and in pinyon-juniper woodland, 1200-2000 m. E.W. Lathrop 7804 (UCR).

!Vulpia bromoides (L.) S.F. Gray – Cheat FescueRare waif, mouth of Budweiser Cyn in disturbed soils, 1300 m. J. Evens 82 (GMDRC).

Vulpia microstachys (Nutt.) Munro var. pauciflora (Beal) Lonard & Gould – Awned Fescue. Uncommon, moist soils (Cottonwood Spring), 1400 m. G.L. Clifton 26330 (GMDRC).

!Vulpia myuros (L.) C. Gmelin var. hirsuta Hack. – Rattail Fescue. Rare, near Cottonwood Spring 1400 m. (obs. B.A. Prigge, et. al, 1981).

Vulpia octoflora (Walter) Rydb. var. octoflora – Slender fescue. Frequent, washes, sandy bajadas and windblown sands near Kelso Dunes, 700-1800 m. J. Andre 4170 (GMDRC).

Typhaceae (Cattail Family)

Typha domingensis Pers. – Southern Cattail. Uncommon, springs and seeps and moist sandy areas in canyon bottoms, 1100-1700 m. J. Andre 5888 (GMDRC).