Supporting the Center

Donations to the Center are very much appreciated and can come in various forms. Some examples of past donations include: various types of furniture and kitchen wares to help outfit our facilities; an entire building was donated to serve as our new conference room; a monetary donation to print a bird guide for the Granite Mountains; as well as some very significant endowments and monetary contributions that have become an essential part of our annual budget and facilities maintenance.

To discuss how best to help the Center, please contact the Reserve Director, Jim André, at (760) 733-4222 or

Small monetary donations can be mailed to: HC1 Box 101, Kelso, CA 92309. Checks should be payable to “UC Regents”, please include a note indicating the check is a donation, as well as your name and address (we’d like to send a Thank You card!).

Online Donation

To make an online donation, click the following giving button and search for “Granite.”

In addition to donating directly to our reserve, the Natural Reserve System has many needs that you can help with. To make a donation to the Natural Reserve System, please contact the main office directly at (510) 987-0159 or visit the NRS website for more information (