Annual Reports

SGMDRC Annual ReportsEach report provides an overview of the accomplishments from the past fiscal year, July 1st through June 30th. Each Final Report includes a narrative providing an opportunity to highlight a few of the major activities and endeavors achieved over this time period, including some of the mundane tasks required to keep a field station running (i.e. basic maintenance).  Embedded within the Final Report, you will find tables that highlight educational class use (Table 1) and visitation categorized by purpose, institution, and role (Table 2).  In addition, two sections of the report are dedicated to newly added publications and new research from the current year.  We also maintain a list of all research (Appendix A) being facilitated by the Center, and a complete list of publications dating back to 1978 (All Publications).  Below you can find all of these documents available for download as a pdf.  If you would like to see a report from a prior year or a higher resolution version, please contact Center staff.